All readings are done over Zoom.

An astrology consultation should be a two-way discussion so I can help you get the most from your reading. Please come along to your session with an open mind and open heart, and be willing to engage in your reading. I promise you will get much more from it.

Reading a chart takes more time than just the consultation, there are a lot of preparations that have to be made beforehand.

To construct your chart I will require your birth details in the following word format as per this example. 1st January 2001, 23:06, London, England. Without this information, I cannot draw up an accurate chart. I understand that for a lot of people you may not have an exact birth time, please try and find out the best you can, it will make far more sense to you if you do.

Should you really not know your birth time I can still offer a consultation for you, it will just be a broader reading and I will not be able to allocate House placements.

I request all payment upfront, half on booking and the rest the day before the reading. If I do not receive the whole payment the reading will be cancelled and the slot will be offered elsewhere. Please contact me to discuss payment options.

Please note, I am not a professional councellor. I cannot give medical or financial advice in a professional capacity. An astrology reading or crystal therapy cannot substitute for other professional services.

All discussions are based on an astrology reading, the advice given is with regards to the planetary alignments, which can manifest in a multitude of ways. For professional advice in anything other than Astrology, Crystal Therapy, or Horticulture (of which I am qualified), please contact the relevant professional in the required field. I cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damage and expect the client to be aware of these terms and conditions before making an appointment. Booking a reading is an agreement to these terms and conditions which are to be adhered to during and after the reading.

All services are taken on at the clients’ own risk.

For questions on booking and a free 10-minute preliminary conversation please contact me by email at

Once a month, I offer a reading at a donation price for anyone who has a valid reason that the prices below are not possible due to your financial circumstances. The minimum donation is £10 but that is all I ask if you are really in need of a reading. The reading will go to the first person who contacts me in the calendar month and payment will still need to be made upfront.

Shine A Light

Natal chart reading. Ideal for people who have a small amount or no knowledge of how their chart placements work. Suitable for all.
60 minutes. £75


Astrology Personal Forecast

A look at your year ahead, ideal for your birthday but can be done at any time of the year. This reading will include Annual Profections Hellenistic timing techniques, as well as major transits and secondary progressions.
90 Minutes. £95


Sun, Moon, Ascendant Introduction

For absolute newcomers to astrology. A chance to find out the basics of the chart.
30 Minutes. £45



I have had many readings with Saffron over the years. I found her insights into my chart reinforced decisions I have made in my life and explain how and why past events have occurred.

— Sun Cancer, Moon Aquarius, Scorpio Rising

”I had a very powerful and insightful reading with Saffron. She was able to explain my chart in a very understandable way, and personalised it towards questions that arose as the reading occurred. She is incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive – I would 100% recommend.”

-Sun Sagittarius, Moon Gemini, Ascendant Virgo

I have had many astrological readings over the years with various people, but Saffron’s ability to tie in tarot references and the Qabalah made my recent session with her a beautiful experience. I especially loved learning about the specific angels tied to my Sun Moon and Rising and her interpretation of my Solar Return chart has been spot on so far. If you are looking for someone to explain your chart to you with a  knowledgeable, respectful and yet no-nonsense manner, then Saffron is definitely the astrologer for you!

-Sun Aquarius, Moon Pisces, Scorpio Rising

“This was my first astrological reading and I must admit I was rather sceptical beforehand. I was completely blown away with the knowledge Saffron had about my character and was able to tell me so many things about my life that she had no reason to know. Would definitely recommend!”

Gemini Sun, Moon Scorpio, Asc Leo