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A bit late Beltane!

Beltane came and went before I could get my last piece finished but as we are moving through the seasons and looking forward to some of the transits bridging Beltane to the Summer Solstice, the very kind Ladies at Astrum Opus hosted my piece. As always, check out Michelle and Neve’s work too while you are there.


Nightlight Astrology Spring Speaker Series

Today 25th March 2023 and tomorrow 26th March, catch two great speakers for free, Catherine Urban and VerDeluz. You need to register to join live or alternatively you get 7 days to catch up with the replay

My latest piece on the Equinox, also known in the Pagan calendar as Ostara.

Many thanks to the wonderful creators at Astrumopus for their kindness in allowing me space on their site.


I recently talked to my friend and colleague Michelle Corbesier for her Astrumopus ezine on the Pluto transit through my second house. I had a lot of fun and hope that you will enjoy listening to our conversation.

Check out the site for lots of really great articles by some fantastic writers. Michelle and her fellow authors are true wordsmiths and bring the symbolism of astrology to life through their work. Lots of inspiring stories to read and listen to.

Nightlight Astrology Winter Speaker Series 2023

The Nightlight Astrology winter Speaker Series starts today, at 7 pm ET.

FREE to attend, you can either join live by registering to gain the Zoom link, or you have 7 days to watch the replay via the website.

Today – Matthew Kenney, The Sun & Moon as Father and Mother in the Birthchart

11th February 12pm ET – Nick Dagen Best, The Mars Synodic Cycle

12th February 12pm ET -Spencer Michaud, Stars 7 Cards, Tarot as an Astrological Storytelling Device

Imbolc 2023

I wrote a guest article on the astrology of Imbolc for Astrum Opus. An astrology resource for lovers of beautifully written, intelligent articles by wonderful writers.

Astrological Association UK Conference 2022 and the yearly Fire Walk.

The AA conference was a great success, I am very grateful to Wendy Stacey, Chris Mitchell and Roy Gillet for letting me assist in facilitating some wonderful talks this year. I was very honoured to be able to introduce a living astrology legend in Samuel F Reynolds, who is an absolute gentleman and taught a great class in a little used concept called the Bendings of the Nodes. If you do not know the concept I highly recommend purchasing the recording (see the link below).

Other great moments, meeting another ‘great’ in the industry Christopher Warnock, who again I could have talked to all night, he is a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to his new book on the use of astro magic as a way to connect to the Divine as a means of spiritual practice The Celestial Way: The Spiritual Path of the Stars and Planets.

The best part was being able to share the weekend with my Mad Birds co-host Joli Knott who was also assisting in facilitating.

To purchase any of the recordings the link to the AA Website is here;

As Venus has just passed through the conjunction with the Sun and been ‘reborn’ through the cazimi, a lot of people get excited that this will bring good health and fortune as Venus is in her masculine/active sign of Libra. Today though, Venus is combust. It has been discussed whether when a planet is in their own home sign can be classed as combust, but I, however, have a natal Venus in her fall in Virgo and she rules my 6th house, therefore, I have a cold and am feeling less than fully fit, so I am saying it’s combust!

The Sun is now noticeably setting earlier in the evening, giving us beautiful displays of crimson, scarlet, and maroons against backdrops of ultramarine and night blue during clear skies at sunset. We are very lucky to have a westerly view over fields and some evenings the sky is breathtaking. It is as if the night is lighting a fire ready for the cold to set in. At 15° Libra all the way to 15° Scorpio, we enter what is known as the ‘Via Combusta’ the fire road. It is easy to see how this time of year was given that name, and was seen by some as the most ‘dangerous’ part of the chart. When you think about true ‘Samhain’ or Halloween being at 15° Scorpio, which this year is on 7th November, NOT 31st October as it is commonly known to be, you can see the symbolism clearly of the Sun setting earlier and earlier into the fire of the underworld, ready for the day of the thinnest veil between life on this plane and the afterlife.

Samhain is the last of the harvest festivals, the blood harvest. Basically, any animal that was going to be eaten through the winter would be slaughtered, something a lot of people nowadays do not like to think about, but in years gone by when there was no way of feeding every mouth fresh fruit and veg all winter, excess livestock was put to slaughter to feed the family. Meat would be cured and stored for those deep dark winter days to come. It was a very serious part of the year, if there was not enough at this harvest the underworld would indeed be a lot closer to mind to those with no other means to purchase food. Cold hungry days ahead!

As we travel through this area of the sky this year there is a partial eclipse on 25th October at 2° Scorpio, followed by its pair the day after true Samhain at 16° Scorpio. So maybe after walking the fire road, being baptised by that flame, we can come out of eclipse season reborn and new; as traditionally Samhain marked the end of the year cycle, the 8th November is Pagan new year’s day, a day to celebrate rather than be feared and to give thanks that even though this year could be tough for many, hopefully, everyone reading this will have the means to sustain themselves through the coming winter. 🐝

The Passing of a Great Queen.
Mercury retrograde in Libra, Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius
20th September 2022

For thousands of people worldwide, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II has been a deeply sorrowful time. For many, it is not just the loss of a beloved monarch that has served her country for 7 decades, it is the representation of Mother and Grandmother that she held for those who loved her. Speaking to a lot of friends and family, especially those whose beloved Mum or Gran has died, these last 12 days have bought to the forefront, memories of their loved ones. I don’t really want to astrologise the Queen’s death here, but just wanted to recognise the work and service that she gave to her country and people.

Other things that I have found interesting under the current transits. I was told last week by a colleague that they had bumped into an old lover. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself when they told me the circumstances were while they were waiting in a traffic queue, they recognised each other’s cars, pulled over to have a chat and then planned to meet the following week but it got cancelled! Mercury in Libra obviously wanted to reconnect but Mars in Gemini said no.

I have heard the usual stories you would expect in Mercury retrograde air season of delayed holidays, being caught in traffic more than normal and technical hitches, electronic issues with cars (two for one unlucky lady in the space of a week) and miscommunication and upset in relationships. Unfortunately, that one does seem to be particularly prevalent at the moment.

As I was born as Mercury stationed direct, I am hoping this is going to be helpful for me personally as I will be helping to facilitate at the Astrological Association UK online conference. This will be the second time I have helped as a facilitator, so a repeat for me too! We can really do with some Mercury blessings for a smooth and successful conference. If you are reading this before 23rd September 2022, have a look at the lineup of fantastic speakers and book yourself a ticket, and maybe we may just be able to chat in the on-line ‘cafe’.🐝

Mars in Gemini, Trine Mercury in Libra, Trine Saturn in Aquarius – Hot air! And a Fallen Venus. 6th September 2022

Yesterday as Venus entered Virgo, into the sign of her Fall, we in the UK were ‘treated’ to a new Prime Minister. Before Liz Truss was even announced I remembered that Venus was ingressing in to Virgo. I mentioned this to my friends in The Astro Collective and as all good astrologers do Anna-Valla looked up Liz Truss’ chart, of course she has a Venus in Virgo, we were not surprised by the coincidence. Anyway, I don’t want to make any political comments or personal ones about Ms Truss, but it was just interesting how she becomes PM exactly as Venus loses her dignity!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a very strong supporter of Venus in Virgo, it’s my personal placement, but on a mundane astrology level, let’s just say this is interesting 😉

So far, the Mars transit through Gemini, Mercury preparing for the retrograde in Libra has bought up some interesting stories that I have witnessed from one degree of separation, including a misunderstanding over a bonfire, that caused the fire brigade to be called out. Luckily, reason, logic, and discussion (thanks to Mercury in Libra no doubt) and the fact that there was no danger, so the fireman thought it was actually amusing that so much fuss had been made, meant the situation was literally put out before it got any more heated.

Saturday was the 8° Gemini point of the retrograde foreshadow, the degree that Mars will get to when it completes its retrograde in January, and then turns back direct. This degree becomes important for this transit, so anything that was happening over the last weekend, will be bought up again in January from 1st-24th. If you keep a diary, it will be useful to write that down and see how themes repeat.

Saturday evening was interesting for us in the Dennis household, in that we were discussing astrology, going through the upcoming transits. Suddenly there was a screech of tyres outside our home, we live in a street that has a dead end, so this was unusual to hear. Our neighbour had frightened off two criminals who were trying to steal their catalytic convertor from their car. Very Mars in Gemini, even the item they were trying to steal!

I am finding that every day, while tracking the transits and thinking about how they can play out, it is amazing how literal they can be in so many different ways. In this case, I think the fact that there was a grand air trine, helped our neighbour to keep his property, Saturn is in Aquarius is in my 3rd house, so I witnessed this attempt at a crime, happening in my local environment.🐝


Virgo season 2022

It’s been a while. I have had a lot going on this year, and the time has flown past so quickly. The Mercury station direct in February at 24° Capricorn bought a natal promise that I had discussed with my Husband with regards to a positive home move. This discussion over the December holiday period seemed so unlikely to bring anything, but Jupiter was at the time the ruler of the Profection year, a first house and fourth house ruler. So I could see that positive changes for me around the home and living situation could occur. The Mercury station bought that promise through with good news.

Now, seven months down the line, I am in my new home and am very happy about it too.

I had not, however, considered all the other upheaval and issues around other family members moving that have since happened after Saturn became my lord of the year. Saturn as the taskmaster has also had my nose to the grindstone in my day job too, keeping me very busy.

All this has created a lull in my outward output in astrology writing here on the website. I have however been very busy with my studies in the Nightlight Astrology year one and now year two with Adam Elenbaas and his fabulous teaching staff of Delia and Michelle. I am very honoured to be studying with my great friend and Mad Birds co-host Joli Knott ( the very knowledgeable and good friend Dr, Peter Yong ( It has been a wonderful journey and helped me to hone my astrology practice into a structured, yet flexible system that I know returning clients and new clients will benefit from.

Today, the Sun crossed the degree of my natal Venus and got me thinking that I now need to get back to writing and getting stuff out there in the world. Virgo is a great sign to be thinking, planning and communicating, getting ideas into some kind of form, and of course, there is no time like the present.

In class we have been discussing transit tracking, I have always tried to catch the symbolism of the day’s energies where I can, from a news story, a piece of music, a current trend, or just witnessing day-to-day events in and around my personal life. It really is the best way to learn how the planets communicate the Astro weather forecast. Rather than predicting the weather, I am going to try and write a few of my experiences down over the next few months and correlate them with the current planet aspects. It helps to both keep center on the moment, which in itself is important; and also helps to learn and integrate the way the planetary aspects can show up in life.

Yesterday, I witnessed someone get very upset due to a text message they had received from someone who had fully believed that their bad behaviour was justified. Just a simple example of how Jupiter in Aries, believing they are right and justified to tell someone in an aggressive written form that they are wrong, Mars in Gemini. Sometimes the archetypes are that simple in how they show up. That was how I witnessed that transit, for the person it was happening to it was more upsetting of course and again this shows how our charts will frame the experience. Small details can sometimes show us the big picture.🐝


Sun ingress into Aquarius 20th January 2.39 am BST

We move from one Saturn ruled sign to another as the Sun ingresses into Aquarius. As Saturn takes up all the heavy lifting of two signs in a row, it is worth looking at the reason why. I had been asked this week to think about this in relation to sunlight and it certainly has helped me to get my own head around the signs and what they actually mean in relation to their ruling planets.

When the Sun moves into the feminine Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn in December, the Sun is at its lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere. But what does that mean from a seasonal point of view and the light we receive? This is determined by your perspective on where you stand on the Earth! In the UK the Sun rises around 8 am and sets just before 4 pm giving a mere 8 hours of light. That light is weak, even on a clear day there is little warmth, shadows cast are long. Any frost or snow on the ground has little if any time to thaw.

How would we think about this in a Receptive (feminine) Earth sign ruled by Saturn manner? The Capricorn season is a time when a lot of us think about turning inwards, a few days away from the routine to recharge, spend time with family, and rest. Certainly, before the industrial revolution, the dark part of the year would be a time of making the most of the last of the harvest, the slaughter of excess livestock to feed the family for winter and enjoy the last of what was perishable in a feast to welcome the promise of future light.

Even though the time was as dark as it could get, that promise of the light is what is celebrated at the Solstice. But it is the beginning of the Sun’s very long climb back up towards their maximum power; the Holly king gives way to Oak.

Once the Sun moves to the Active (masculine), Fixed Air sign of Aquarius, the Sun is firmly on its way on the up, it is working on breaking free of the confines of the dark. Today as the Sun moved into Aquarius season we have over half an hour more light than we had this time last month. However, even though the light is returning the long cold nights are still very much in charge, it feels as if it has been more than a couple of months since the Sun was warm and we can enjoy a morning not having to scrape the car windscreen before starting our commute to work!

Aquarius is the sign opposite the Sun’s domicile of Leo. In Leo, where the light is actually waning away from the summer solstice, it still feels like those long balmy days will go on forever (in a decent summer that is). In the opposite sign of Aquarius where Saturn rules, we can feel a real need for the Sun’s light and warmth, this really is mid-winter, the time when we feel as if dark has ruled forever.

What we do get from the Aquarius period are those things that for me show bravery in nature that I associate with the time. Snowdrops start to push through the very hard cold soil. I see hares and barn owls out searching out food in the ice-cold mornings on my way to work. The frost delicately hanging on the grass verges sparkle like crystal, and as the moon has been full this last week the silver reflections are magical. It is easy to find beauty all around in the summer, it can be voluptuous to the point of exhibitionism with all the flamboyant colours of flowers, trees, and bright sunlight. But when you see a spark of colour or beauty in January it can take your breath away. My journey to and from work takes me through a beautiful piece of countryside. Today I was totally surprised to see a ‘charm’ of Goldfinches (I love that this is what a group of these lovely little birds is called), I thought they migrated over winter, so was delighted to see more than 20 of them. Instantly after a green woodpecker so bright against the backdrop of a dull grey day flew up from feeding in the grass, it was a real treat, I did feel blessed.

The unexpected is often mentioned in modern astrology talk to represent Aquarius. I got thinking about the things in mid-winter that are worth celebrating that show nature’s eccentricity. The way that Gais will do Her own thing against the odds during the coldest, darkest time of the year, spoke to me about how the Sun in Aquarius season is a beauty born out of the need to rebel against that darkness and move solidly and steadily toward the light. 🐝

Winter Solstice 21st December 2021, 15.59 Sun ingress into Capricorn

The wheel takes its quarter turn towards the light as the Sun makes it move into the sign of Capricorn, a sign that brings to my mind the female face of Saturn; for me it is Nyx, but it could be the Morrigan, Sin, or Kali, a female Goddess of endings to make way for the new birth in the spring.

In the UK the exact solstice hits as we have Cancer rising, with the Moon also in Cancer at 27°, which makes this very wide, but still an opposition to the Sun. It makes me think of the Moon as the representation of gatherings of people, but as the Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, the wish is to be comfortably among those we love the most. This feels like a homely holiday season, where we consider the creature comforts and the people that are most important, smaller family or good friend groups rather than all the aunts, cousins and, neighbours round for a raucous time.

The sign of Capricorn can be a representation of the establishment, hard work, the status quo and, interestingly enough laughter, Capricorns are fond of a practical joke! As the Sun moves into the sign, it joins Mercury, and the Venus/Pluto conjunction that is also present, stirring up deep feelings about our relationships, what we value and what needs to be removed and purged. This is a lot to take in and, to do this we need time and a safe place to be able to do this. As the Sun shines a light on these issues, the knowledge that we have a comfortable base to be able to process the information that is being brought to light is important.

The Moon opposite this ingress is also saying to me, ‘We the People’. I see in the chart Mars conjunct the Lot of Fortune and can’t help but wonder if the light that is getting shone on Carpricornian themes is not going to sit well with the public as the collective. I won’t dwell on this but it feels a bit unsteady for me.

As the Sun makes its move into Capricorn, we are now at the shortest day here in the northern hemisphere. Even though the summer seems to be a distant dream, the Oak King wins out over his brother the Holly King, the light is going to grow slowly but surely over the months to come as it always does. One thing is for sure, the seasons will keep turning.

Happy Solstice to you all.

Astro forecast Venus Conjunct Pluto @ 25° Capricorn, 11TH December 16.29 GMT. Leading into Venus retrograde 19th December 2021

Venus is the planet that likes to harmonise, bring together different elements, enjoy, love, and bring beauty. At the moment Venus is slowing down in Saturn’s receptive/feminine sign of Capricorn, getting ready to turn retrograde on the 19th. This is not a rare occurrence for Venus, she has retrograde periods every 18 months approximately for around 40 days. What is unusual is her transit from the point of view of us on Earth, She seems to conjunct the exact point of Pluto just as she slows down and then stations direct.

I doubt there are any astrologers out there not taking notes and writing about this but I wanted to add my thoughts.

If you read my musings often, you will know I like a good story to go along with my astrology. As I was driving home earlier I was thinking about the Venus/Pluto combination, you will hear themes of love, lust, jealousy, infatuation, dark secrets being unearthed, femme fatale types, addictions, wealthy and powerful women. However, we have also to consider the sign this combination is meeting in. This is not a frivolous, party sign. Capricorn appreciates hard work, a task to aim for, recognition for an extended effort, working alone, and achieving solid, tangible results.

The story that came to mind was Snow White, both the Disney version because I kept getting the picture of the Dwarf Doc checking all the diamonds (which is perfect for this combination) and also a fabulous Neil Gaiman short story ‘’Snow, Glass, Apple’’, written from the perspective of the Queen rather than Snow White, it’s one of his best in my humble opinion, very dark just like the Grimm original but with a masterful twist.

If we consider the Snow White theme, she is very Venusian in the beautiful young maiden guise. Snow White is then for this purpose Venus in direct motion. She has youth on her side, everyone seemingly is drawn in by her beauty and grace, even once she gets abducted, the Queen’s woodsman falls for her charms and leaves her in the forest rather than cutting out her heart. The Queen is the Pluto/Venus dynamic, she still has great beauty, she has worked her way (Capricorn) to becoming the Queen and does not want to give ground to the upstart stepdaughter princess. Her jealous, obsessive nature (Venus/Pluto) makes her plot revenge to the point of asking for the young maiden to be murdered. That’s pretty intense!

Once Snow White manages to find sanctuary in the cottage of the Dwarves, she has to work to earn her keep (literally Venus in Capricorn). She cooks, cleans, and keeps house whilst the Dwarves go down into their mine to bring up the mineral ‘fruits’ of the subterranean world. How very Pluto in Capricorn!

Of course, once the Queen finds out that the beautiful princess is still alive, her jealousy and obsessive behaviour just increase, she has to go back to the drawing board to concoct a new evil scheme to kill off the girl (Venus retrograding and conjunct Pluto for the second time). This takes the skill she has built up over years of being a sorceress which would be many, many years of study, hard work, and planning to get to the point of being able to poison an apple, THE Venusian fruit but make it look delicious.

Depending on which version of the story you read, (and this is the point of astrology) the ending can be one of many when Venus makes her final conjunction with Pluto on 3rd March 2022.

If you like the Happily Ever After version, she finds love, (from whomever she wants it from please, the Prince is just an archetype,) it can be a literal love partner or a deep friendship, a new fabulous job, a beautiful, new home, an art project that gets finally completed. Any number of possibilities are available, the rewards would come from a sustained time of hard work, and some kind of revelation or realisation that things could not stay the same, and had to be changed in some way.

Of course, not everyone will see these changes as a good thing. Venus also represents the Queen in this story, and from her point of view as a jealous, vindictive, clever beautiful woman with an agenda, she does not come up smelling of roses! If the Queens persona takes us over and we become infatuated with the Venusian desire, it can cause immense upset, heartbreak, and endings we don’t want. The key as with any transit is to be aware of the energy and try to adjust our inner dialogue. Of course in life, tough situations occur externally, but we do have the free will to make the internal changes to avert many self-made disasters.

Astrology is a way of looking at the themes that pervade the time, it is the energy that envelops us all, whether we want it to or not. Whichever Whole Sign House Capricorn rules in your chart are where the energy will be felt the strongest for you. It does not have to be love, it could be in your finances, body, work, or home, but the Venus signature, of trying to harmonise something in that area will be important. So have a look at your chart and ask yourself, where are you obsessing about desires that may be unhealthy, or where can you put in extra work to gain the things that need to be bought to the surface? Are there any themes that have played out similar to the last time Venus was retrograde in Capricorn in 2013, and again went through this connection with Pluto at 12/13°. It’s good to reflect on the past and how that time played out, what can be learned from that time and put to use now?

Venus in Capricorn is literally a long slog through to March, we have time to feel this energy on a number of levels. Working in a methodical way forward, creating a structure with a strong foundation is the way to get the best results.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season ahead. And stay away from apples that look too good to be true!

Astro forecast, Mercury Conjunct Sun, Monday 29th November 2021, 04.39 GMT
As Mercury joins in conjunction with the Sun in Sagittarius, I can’t help but think about the royal herald being summoned back by the King or Queen, to collect the edicts that need to be announced to the world.
This conjunction happens in a decan ruled by Mercury, which connects to the tarot card the 8 Wands, its Hermetic title The Lord of Swiftness. This is a card that represents the quick thoughts, messages, and ideas that the human mind when, at its best is capable of. On a mundane level, it represents messages and information we take in quickly.

Mercury when in conjunction with the Sun is invisible to us on Earth, They are ‘under the beams’, so at the moment the communications are held within, or under a bright light, so we can’t hear or see what is happening. It won’t be until 25th December that Mercury will be out from under the beams and just visible. It will be interesting to see what information with a Sagittarius theme of exploration, freedom, adventure, and overextending ideals and hopes will be building over these next few weeks. We probably won’t get the pronouncements until what, for many of us will be the festive season, celebrating the return of the light at the Solstice. Before that point though, there is a Solar eclipse in Sagittarius, so this could create a big impact on the news with regards to world leaders, heads of corporations, or authority figures. Look out for big news in those realms, especially for persons or countries with strong Sagittarius energy in the chart.

For us now as the conjunction takes place, we can feel that communication is withheld either within ourselves or kept to a select few. Sagittarius is a sign where we seek a future that is better and brighter than the current time we live in, sometimes that can be a distant dream or even just blind faith. However, as a Sagittarius rising myself, I cannot help but always have a sense of hope and excitement for the future, even in the darkest of times. After all, nothing ever stays the same, change is the only constant.

Therefore, find something that inspires you to expand your intellect or your worldview, have you got a plan for the future? If not, maybe now is the time to think about the changes that need to be made in the new year to come, write down goals and aspirations that you would like to work towards. You do not have to tell anyone quite yet what it is that has sparked your inspiration for change, but making a plan can help to focus the mind, rather than leaving ideas scattered and formless. 🐝

Sun enters Sagittarius 22nd November 2021 2.34 GMT
For any other of you Sagittarius risings out there; if you have felt as I have through the Scorpio Sun time that you wanted to retreat into a safe, warm space away from the world but couldn’t, I am totally with you. I felt a weight lifted from me when I woke up this morning.

The Sun has entered Sagittarius, which is good news for us all as it moves one planet out of all the difficult squares and oppositions that have been bombarding everyone over the last few weeks. Mars is still very strong in its own sign of Scorpio and the opposition to Uranus is in play still, so there could still be some fireworks left to go off yet!

Sagittarius is the house of great exploration, be it of the physical body or the mind; travel, and libraries. The Sun as the representation of our soul/spirit, creativity, heart, and authority figures that we respect, bring the idea of the high priestess, the mage, or the guru figure, a guide that lights our path forward. Therefore looking for a way to broaden the mind to uplift our soul is the theme for the month.

Jupiter rules the sign and brings a feeling of joy and anticipation to the season ahead. As we prepare for various festivals over the next month all based on ideas of the rebirth of the light, the feeling of awe and excitement for the end of year festivities is felt.
Mercury follows quickly on the heels of the Sun on Wednesday, not a favourite spot for Mercury especially as They are invisible under the beams of the Sun but, They are adaptable and will still be able to parse the message that the Sun is wanting to bring.

There have been many incidents recently that need a different perspective, a big picture view. The future is never certain but the Sun in Sagittarius is always looking for a brighter prospect. No certainty can ever be delivered, but the most enduring characteristic I believe of Sagittarius is the one of hope.

Astro forecast Mars opposite Uranus 17th – 18th November 2021

This transit has been building since Mars entered Scorpio, as in the Hellenistic tradition as soon as the planet moves into a sign the feeling of any connections that planet will make is felt. It’s a bit like being in a bedroom and hearing someone coming through the front door. In this case, the front door was kicked in and Mars is stomping up the stairs in all His armor.

The opposition is seen as a confrontation in the chart, a facing off against the other planet, neither side wants to give ground so there is a tug of war feeling. Uranus (or Prometheus as Richard Tarnas proposed) is the planet that likes to shock, revolutionise, rebel, create change, inspire, electrify a situation. If you picture Mars stomping up the stairs to face off against the God of change, this would not be a space mere mortals would want to be in!

This is the energy that permeates at the moment, as I said this has been noticeable since Mars entered the sign. Last week I wrote a warning to keep calm, that was as Mercury was going through the same opposition to Uranus. I however could not even take my own advice knowing how the energies were astrologically and ended up being swept up in an argument, all the while in my head thinking Mercury/Mars/Uranus! Therefore as Mars is now the planet making the exact aspect we all need to consider what that energy could mean on a mundane world level and for us personally.

This week, really pay attention to times when you feel your anger getting the better of you, frustrations are likely, so looking for ways to safely release the pressure valve is vital to keeping a semblance of control. However, extreme sports are also probably not the best option, Uranus brings the unexpected, which means no matter how much you plan, there could be something that happens that there is no planning for. I actually do feel that honoring the energies is a good way to keep from complete calamity. Therefore healthy competition, be it sport, chess, a good verbal debate, a rap battle even, something that can be martial in a way that can also have the element of a surprise attack could be helpful.

There are so many other planetary combinations added into this mix and an eclipse at the end of the week to top it all. This will have some interesting, unexpected elements to it, therefore by its very nature, there is no chance of predicting the unexpected!

Remind yourself of the energies before you set out each day and stay connected to your inner voice.

Astro Forecast; Friday 5th November Venus enters Capricorn 10.44 GMT, Mercury enters Scorpio 22.35 GMT

This Scorpio season really is a busy astrology period. I opened my diary to add an appointment in and at some point in the past this year I have marked out the whole following two weeks as ‘stay calm days’! I will have to remember to take my own advice!

Venus is about to enter the sign of Capricorn, preparing to don her power suit, packing her briefcase ready to march into the boardroom and take control. This is not a Venus who is all lovey-dovey, this is a Venus looking to take back what she feels has been misused, rein in what has gotten out of control, or blatantly stolen from her. I personally like this side of Venus, it gives Her the strength to get the beautiful, relational things she loves so much, built for the long term, not for frivolous projects. True works of art, lasting relationships, things of beauty take time, effort, and commitment, Capricorn has all of that and more. It’s a Cardinal sign, ruled by Saturn the God of Time it likes to instigate, push ahead, work hard and apply itself. The issue will be once we get to 19th December and Venus then retrogrades back through the sign and stays there until 6th March 2022, it is literally a long time to be all work and no play; so very Capricorn in nature.

We have all been in a meeting that goes on, and on, and on because one person feels the need to put their point across in every which way. The relationships can then go stale, the others in the room, rather than feeling energised and motivated, begin to think only of their freedom; where is the coffee machine?! As this is going to be Venus at work for a long period it makes me think that maybe joy and laughter are not going to be at the top of the agenda through this transit? Especially once she conjoins Pluto in February (but let’s not dwell on that just yet).

Venus looks to create beauty and pleasant connections wherever She goes. In the sign of Capricorn, which is a sign of structure, hard work, and dedication to a goal, we can look to creating artwork that would stand the test of time, sculpture, pottery, life drawing, ballet, learning a musical instrument. All of these pursuits are a healthy expression of the Venusian, creating a lasting business or working relationship are also good things to put into practice. Remember that any Planet that retrogrades will firstly bring some benefits, then some pushback, and then forward momentum after a bit of a setback, keep that in mind and hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

Mercury is about to run the gauntlet through Scorpio, almost as if They want to get as much distance from Mars, the Sun, and the hard aspects to Uranus and Saturn. They enter Scorpio on 6th November and are out into Sagittarius by the 25th. Whilst They race through the sign the Scorpionic themes will be picked up and communicated, therefore beware of secrets being bought up to the surface and broadcast, hidden information from the depths being discovered. This can cause some unnecessary hurt, as Scorpio is an emotional sign prone to secret seething and a propensity for revenge, not healthy for anyone; hence my warning to myself to stay calm.

The positive side of this combination is the ability for Scorpio to examine every angle of the situation and, sit with the difficult, challenging emotions that other signs fear to delve into. Scorpio has to feel the absolute highs along with the deepest lows to be able to say they have experienced the whole human process. Mercury in the sign can articulate through speech and writing, how these themes affect the psyche, how the emotions should be processed, and then how to communicate them to others. This is a great combination for any psychological, shamanic, magical, etc workings, where we are trying to communicate to ourselves and others our deepest needs, fears, hopes, and dreams. Difficult work indeed, but necessary for personal growth.

With the Sun also in the sign, this is where time spent with these themes this month can be valuable. Intense, but the treasure that can be mined through this period is pure gold, we can truly find that essence of what makes our hearts sing.

Astrology forecast; New Moon in Scorpio Thursday 4th November 2021 21.14 GMT

I have been a bit quiet recently as I had the pleasure of attending the Astrological Association UK, 53rd annual conference last weekend. It was an amazing 3 days, where I met some wonderful people, and attended some brilliant talks and workshops. Standouts for me in no particular order were, Dr. Frances Clynes, Christeen Skinner, Christian Köing, Giorgia Pecora, and Sue Tomkins. I didn’t see all the speakers as there were over 50 talks but the ones I saw these stood out as informative and well presented. For anyone considering attending the conference in the future, I highly recommend the experience.

As for this Scorpio New Moon; it can be very easy to use words such as intense and powerful when trying to convey Scorpio themes. They are of course very common and useful descriptions, however, there are many more ideas to consider. This New Moon is one that brings an extra punch to it due to the opposition to Uranus in Taurus and the square to Saturn, among other factors. Therefore, we are not talking rainbows and unicorns here, this New Moon will be asking a lot from us and, for some of us it may feel as if we have been doing enough already, thank you very much!
The Cop26 conference is currently being held in Glasgow, which seems to be interesting timing. There have been so many factors raised over the world with regards to the Uranus in Taurus umbrella. Petrol shortages, personnel shortages for drivers, gas and food prices rising, all can be connected to this transit of Uranus through Taurus. As the conference discusses new innovations to improve our world climate, we will hopefully see the scientific community connect with the world Governments to improve the future of our beautiful planet for the health of future generations. This would be a greatly needed (if a lot too late) improvement to the climate and pollution issues.

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in Scorpio to form the New Moon, as with all transits with Uranus, there can be unexpected, surprises that can occur. We can also find we feel pushed to do something out of our comfort zone, or we get an impulse to suddenly make a change we would not have given any thought or planning to. These sudden changes can make us feel a sense of release or freedom that we wonder how we have waited so long to make the change. There are the Saturn energies that pull back to try and restrain, but Mars is also strong in Scorpio and the Moon has to pass over Mars tomorrow to form the New Moon conjunction, so there could be a Mars outburst that could ignite or trigger the sudden changes.
I am a believer in forewarned is forearmed, that is the principle of astrology for me. When we are aware that the Astro weather is a little blustery we put on the correct Astro clothing in whatever way you feel helps, be it a spiritual practice, a mantra, crystals, etc. We all have coping mechanisms. Over the next couple of weeks, we will need to put those into use, as Scorpio season is going to be a bit stormy.

At this Scorpio New Moon, have a think about what you feel you need to bring up from the depths, are there underlying feelings about a situation that needs a light shining on it? I feel that when issues are left partially buried they are at their most dangerous. If you have put off dealing with an issue try and find time to bring grace and peace to the situation, metaphorically take it off the heat so it doesn’t boil over. Emotions could get frayed and that then leads to outbursts. If you are feeling a need to escape to victory, if possible try and find a way to release a little of the pressure without letting the lid blow. Have a bath, meditate, go for a run or walk, whatever you need to remove yourself as much as you can from the stressful situation, then see how you feel after leaving yourself a little breathing space. Sometimes the need to break free is real and sometimes it’s just a passing feeling. Try not to make rash decisions is what I am really trying to parse here.

In the Hindu, Jain, and Sikh traditions, the festival of Diwali is held at this time, which is a beautiful celebration of the victory of light over dark. The fireworks that will be let off over the festival are a very literal and pretty representation of a New Moon opposite Uranus. If we can keep that idea in our hearts that in the darkest night the light shines its brightest, it can guide our thoughts onwards towards the light within.

At any time you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions, which can also happen, please reach out to friends, family, or organisations that offer help and friendship. There is always someone who can offer love and support.

Astro forecast, Sun ingress into Scorpio, Saturday 23rd October 2021 05.51 BST

As the Sun leaves its fall in Libra, it seems a bit strange that moving into Scorpio the Sun would be happier here. However, as I often think during Libra season, the Sun, though beautiful when rising and setting giving us wonderful reds and oranges in the sky, always feels a little sad, as we know the light is fading rapidly into the dark part of the year.

Once the Sun moves into Scorpio season I start to think about the way light is used in the darkness, how when we are entering into a dark room we can feel tense anticipation of what is in the space, our skin can prickle, our breath becomes a bit shorter, it is only once we turn the light on that we can then see clearly what is hiding (for good or ill) in the dark. The Sun in Scorpio is the miner’s hard hat light. As we enter the underworld we need that focused intense light to guide us towards the treasure hidden in the depth of the Earth. Once we have located the treasure, we can bring it up, polish it off to create a thing of great beauty. All of this takes immense work and dedication.
Scorpio loves this intensity, it is the fixed water sign, water being the feelings and emotions. If you truly try to fix water you get ice, but really it is only one form of a substance that can be all shapes and forms. Scorpio is known for being magnetic, secretive, and stubborn which, someone very close to me with a Scorpio ascendant says is true, and they are very happy about it too!

This Sun Scorpio season is going to really pin down that energy as we have the whole sign square to Saturn and Jupiter. The Saturn square is at its strongest at the beginning of the cycle as the energy applies from now until its exact square on 30th October. Saturn will restrict the self-expression the Sun is trying to give in Scorpio, there could be something that needs to be worked at, that takes time, or can be restrictive to our inner light.

Mars enters its watery night home of Scorpio on 30th October which, helps to initiate anything we feel passionately about, and fixes the intention to move forward with great energy.

Mercury follows suit on the 6th where They will be quickly zipping through the sign, uncovering all the hidden news, information, and gossip, then broadcasting all those secrets!

Leading up to the 4th of November, the Sun will be applying to the opposition to Uranus which, can bring some unexpected revelations. This is a particularly interesting portent as this is the day of the Scorpio New Moon, it’s not the Moon’s happy place to start with but add the Uranus opposition there could be some emotions that come up from a very deep place and erupt, it’s a charged time.

Once we get to the middle of the month of November the Sun will be applying to the Jupiter square, which will certainly feel less restrictive than the one to Saturn, it does, however, ask us to look at what freedom really means to our self-expression, it does not mean we have to overindulge, become bombastic, or overly egotistical which, can happen when the Sun and Jupiter are squared. Using this energy to push ourselves to express our best selves is the aim here.

The partial Lunar eclipse on 19th November will be adding to the emotional intensity of all that is happening, (as if Scorpio needs to be further intensified?!) My tutor Chris Brennan always says that an eclipse at a vital point in your chart brings great endings and great beginnings. For those of you with anything at around 27° Scorpio or Taurus, this is a time to look deeply at what you want to transform in your life, how can you manifest a healthier happier you?

Hoping that the Scorpio season brings you a chance to transform your life for the better.


Mars Square Pluto 18th – 27th October 2021 (approx)

Mars is currently in a tricky aspect with Pluto. It can bring up anger or even sudden rage, this can cause us accidents, arguments, or quick loss of temper. Crystals are a very easy way of helping to balance some of the trickier times in life. If you are aware of the energies that abound, finding a way to mitigate them is helpful.

Carnelian is a crystal that is easy to purchase and cheap as a tumble stone. It also self-cleanses and cleanses other crystals. It balances the sacral chakra, helping to motivate, energise and uplift whilst also reducing anger and rage. The energy is transmuted into helping boost creative projects and motivating exercise. It strengthens bones and ligaments. It is also a great healer of family trauma, especially between parent and child. It can be used to help those who are transferring from this plane peacefully to the afterlife.

If you know that you have some testing times over the next couple of days, try carrying a piece of Carnelian in your trouser/skirt/dress pocket.

Tumbled Orange Carnelian

Astro forecast, direct motion, Jupiter 6.30, Mercury 16.17, 18th October 2021 BST

Last week, Saturn finally went direct in the sign of Aquarius, helping to release a slight hold on the restraints of the energy of the sign. This week Jupiter, after 4 months is also turning back to direct motion, further expanding, freeing and, enabling the Aquarian energy to flow.

Humanity has had to deal with many restrictions, but interestingly the retrograde movements of the two gas giants have not bought about the further lockdowns and, restraints that many expected in the UK. Does this mean that as the planets move forward again what we will witness is a re-established effort to bring society back to focus on the themes it played out at the beginning of this year when Saturn and Jupiter were first transiting the sign? We will see.

Aquarius is an air sign, therefore relating and communication are important. Unlike its fellow air signs of Gemini and Libra, it is not looking to connect on a small scale over what it sees as insignificant bite size data. Aquarius looks for the connection on a world wide scale, how humanity can be bettered by finding that piece of new, innovative information that can be used to revolutionise the world for the better. This makes for a temperament that can be, on the surface, friendly but, if the connection made does not bring up something new or exciting, Aquarius will move on to the next person or situation, looking for that all important ‘new thing’.

I am sure many of you will be pleased the Mercury retrograde in Libra is over too. Anyone who has been waiting to get communication back on track, have dealt with relationship hiccups, technology problems or travel delays will be grateful to see direct motion from Mercury. Don’t forget that They take a few days to get back up to full speed and past the 25° where they turned retrograde, this happens on 3rd November; that’s the full steam ahead point. For me, this seems to have been the fasted retrograde period I have had for a while, 3 weeks have flown past. Mercury in Libra in direct motion will help to create better dialogue within relationships, especially ones that have been broken, or damaged over the last few weeks. After the intense full Moon period this week, hopefully the energies will calm a little, helping us to gather out thoughts and, look towards a future of new ideas, hopes and, wishes.

Full Moon on Wednesday 20th October 2021, 15.57 BST

This full Moon, is going to bring further intense energy into play. As an opposition to the Sun the push me, pull you energy is between Libra’s wish to bring balance, opposing the Moon in Aries, who will be feeling a strong need to react. This for me feels like a kneejerk response to an emotional incident that the Sun wants fair justice for, and the Moon just wants to take immediate action to fill the emotional hole. It’s an energy that can add fuel to the already raging fire.

Feelings are our internal response to outside influences, we will all react to things differently dependant on where the Moon is placed in our chart and how it configures and, is triggered by transit. An Aries Moon is one that will fight for what it feels, it can be very moral in that it does what it believes to be right, the law according to whomever it belongs. This can be the person or situation that literally screams of cries when in an intense situation as the emotions have to have an immediate stress release valve. And, maybe that is what is needed at this time. Many people over the last year have had profound, life changing experiences and, sometimes having a good cry, or letting that built up emotion out is a cathartic sensation, releasing pent up energy.

Astro forecast; Sun and Mars square Pluto. Approximately from 14th – 24th October 2021

It’s been a very busy few weeks astrologically. Last week, the Sun, Mars and Mercury were all conjunct in Libra, bringing up all kinds of hidden information and, throwing it out there for everyone to see. Mars became reborn from this encounter and, is currently preparing to rekindle His strength and verve once He gets out of the beams of the Sun and into His home sign of Scorpio.

Over this last week and, into next week, there are a lot of intense aspects to take note of. Firstly from around 14th as the Sun began to apply to the square to Pluto. The Sun as themes of the personal will, the self, people in power, are connected to, in a challenging way Pluto, lord of the underworld and, all his hidden riches, power and shadows. This can be a cathartic energy, such as using the crystal Obsidian as a healing tool, it can also however be overwhelming and destructive if you are not prepared for the energy that suddenly erupts from the depths of the unconsciou

Adding Mars the lord of all that severs, enrages, angers and takes action can be the sign of an eruption that literally takes the floor from under our feet. It is not always an easy transit as if our personal foundation is already even slightly unstable it can herald a time that is difficult due to its unexpected nature. We have seen in the UK a very unexpected, unpleasant example of this combination this week.

Personally, I had first hand experience of this aspect in a funnier (for you reading) way. We got a blocked toilet, and it literally bought to the surface in an unexpected way all the unwanted, waste matter that we thought had been removed through the sewerage system! It was another astrology good but particularily unpleasant having to deal with it. Luckily the Sun was shining and, we could have the windows open whilst dealing with the situation!

This transit carries through to next week, so beware of energy that angers, or of being rash or hasty. Now is the time to keep in mind that there are great forces that can sometime take us completely unawares that we do not have control over. After the event things may not ever be the same, we may have to find time to recoup and re-evaluate our position. Life is not always predictable or easy, however being aware of the surrounding energies helps us to put into perspective life as a whole experience.


Astro forecast, Venus ingress into Sagittarius, 7th October 12.21pm BST

A bit of good astrology news at the moment, Venus has now left Scorpio where she was in detriment. She has leaped into Sagittarius, helping us all to feel a bit lighter, and free.

Sagittarius is the sign that loves physical freedom, long walks in the fresh air, horse riding (obviously if you are so inclined!) and, being in the country are ways that Venus can enjoy herself in the sign.

With the sextile to the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, it gives Venus a boost to be able to express her freedom fully. Saturn is also Sextile by sign but they have a decent relationship, so the structure, and work that Saturn demands can enable Venus to create art, or enjoy freedom to express in a way that creates form.

Freedom of expressing what you love is the key to this Venus. Sagittarius loves to travel, explore, and inspire others. It does this through foreign holidays or just connection to another culture and, their people, higher learning, philosophy, and anything that expands our minds, and hearts. Therefore look for the things that you enjoy learning more about, whether it is an internal or external broadening of the mind, Venus will be along for the ride, helping to smooth the way.

New Moon in Libra 6th October 2021, 12.05pm GMT

The New Moon in Libra coincides with the energy of Mars, making it an unusual dynamic. Mercury is still retrograde in the sign too, which is asking us questions on past actions, what we stand for, what we value, and how we have been trying to bring harmony and balance in Venus’ sign of The Scales.

As Mars approaches the Sun, its energy is very weak as already He is debilitated in the sign of Libra and, is struggling to have much agency in what is being said. Venus in Scorpio is not much happier and having to try and officiate the summit of the other planets in her sign from a distance.

With this New Moon being the beginning of the Moon’s monthly journey, the themes are leading up to the Full Moon, where she culminates Her energy into the square with Pluto. This is an intense transit that could bring up some difficult or hidden information that the other planets are little able to deal with in their weakened states.

For us as individuals, it is a time to assess our relationships with ourselves, our partners, colleagues, friends, and family. Where are we letting our own agency be taken by others? Are we agreeing to something with a smile but behind gritted teeth? Are we making deals we know we cannot keep? There are many possibilities for all of this relationship energy, along with other themes of, the arts, beauty, and more. Now then is the time to get out the Libra scales and weigh up where we are against where we want to be, re-evaluate recent past actions, our own and other peoples. Then once the full Moon has played out and things have been unveiled for better or worse, we can move forward fully armed with a new envigorated Mars once He hits his home sign of Scorpio, as I think that is going to literally be the beginning of firework season.

In the meantime, find your inner balance, serenity, and calm, rest, and rejuvenate, I think we are going to need it!

Sun and Mars in Libra, opposite Chiron in Aries

Over the last year, I have been spending my time looking in-depth at Hellenistic astrology, studying Chris Brennan’s course, and reading, reading, reading.

However looking at the chart of the moment today, the Sun and Mars opposite Chiron was the one aspect I saw straight away. If something pops out like that I feel I have to give it some thought.

Chiron, one of the bodies in our Solar System known as The Centaurs was first observed by Charles Kowal in 1977. As a relatively new discovery in the solar system, it is still very much a work in progress to determine its true nature and how it works within the astrology system we use today. For in-depth analysis, Melanie Reinhart has written extensively on the subject of the centaurs, I highly recommend her work, Chiron and the Healing Journey, Melanie Reinhart ISBN 9 780140 192094.

The elliptical rotation of the body around the sun gives an unequal amount of time the body spends in each zodiacal sign. The previous Pisces period was 7 years, this Aries period is approximately 9 years, whereas the Leo period beginning in 2042 will last only 21 months. This in itself is telling to the generation of people that are being born into the period.

The myth of Chiron is used by astrologers to describe the experience of transits and placements of the planetary body. As the only cultured and learned centaur, he was so above his peer group that he became a teacher to extra special humans and even some of the Gods themselves. An expert in herbalism, healing, and warfare, among many other talents, he passed these skills on to the great and good. As the story goes though, he becomes wounded by a poison arrow that for humans would be deadly but as an immortal, he lives instead, in agony, unable to heal his wound. As the pain becomes unbearable he decides to give his life as an immortal to end the eternal suffering of both himself and the God Prometheus, who is daily having his liver ripped out by an eagle in punishment for giving us humans fire. Chiron is then placed as a hero into the constellations as the Centaur. This is a very brief summary, there are many places to get detailed accounts. I like Mythology by Edith Hamilton, ISBN 0-446-60725-8.

As a child of Gen X, or as we are sometimes called the ‘Latchkey Kids’ the ingress of Chiron into Aries in 2018 was a herald for myself and many of my peers of the Chiron return. For the first time, there are people knowingly going through this phase astrologically, and we can now attest to the true meaning of the return as we are ‘proof of the pudding’!

The astrological expression of Chiron in the chart points to the area of life that there is a wounding that no matter what is done, cannot be healed. What has to happen to come to terms with this wounding is to learn to let go of the pain by sacrificing that wound, leaving it in the past and, letting it go. Some people truly have almighty wounds to heal, there are some things that we just cannot ever patch up or put right. I am by no way going to belittle anyone’s experience with my next few sentences, so please take this as an open-hearted gesture to try and aid healing. There are times when we all can use our wounding to excuse our bad behaviour, we feel vindicated in our actions because of something truly bad that happened in the past. However, it is very often that the people we are taking out our hurt, frustration, and anger on are not the ones who originally caused the wound. This is where the work has to take place, we cannot ever become the wise teacher if we continue to carry the wound as an open, infected abscess for everyone to see.

What does this mean for the Chiron in Aries folk? As a sign that is active, dynamic, self-driven, self-motivated, and innovative the wounding that cannot be healed would point to the lack of ability in the past ‘to be’ an individual or feel the person has agency over their own life. There would be the feeling of having to fight their own corner, that as no one was looking after or watching out for them, they would have to go ahead and just do it all for themselves. This has created those who had to grow up too soon as the weight of responsibility of looking after not just themselves but sometimes siblings and the household too. One’s own interests would have had to be put aside to allow others’ needs to come before their own. There could also have been anger and violence to deal with and having little agency at the time to do anything to change the situation. As with all astrology placements, the House that Chiron is in will be far more important in interpreting the influence of the body, if it is on an angle (Ascendant/Descendant, MC/IC) then the themes will be active and stronger. We all have a wound but for some, it is more pronounced than for others.

As the Sun and the ruler of Aries, Mars is in opposition currently in the sign of Libra, the themes of that wounding can come up. The Sun is the planet in our charts that represents our life force, our soul path, and vocation. Mars is the planet that activates, energises, and initiates. However both planets are unhappy in Libra, therefore the opposition to Chiron can, especially for those of us with it in Aries bring up the old themes and cause a struggle to deal with topics that we may have thought we had dealt with years ago. The Sun’s light is quickly falling into winter and this in the Northern hemisphere creates time for us to become more internal with our minds and bodies. When this happens we can fall prey to our inner wound. Mars is also under the beams of the Sun and weak in Libra, activity and energy levels can be dampened. I feel however that this is a good time to assess the past and decide where we need to be wiser with our choices, move forward, and leave behind the past hurt that cannot be fixed. Asking others for help with things that come up now and in the future that can be fixed would also be a new challenge. After all, as I remember it, the meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you have always gone it alone, or not asked for help or advise when you have needed it, try reaching out to someone, you could find that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

For some with Chiron in Aries, the return will have occurred already, the period is from 2018-2027 (with the retrograde motion there will be some ingress into Taurus and back again into Aries near the end of the period). The average age of a person receiving the Chiron return is 50 but can be a little before or after. If we think about that age and stage in our life it correlates well with the myth. By our middle age, we should hopefully be matured and become wiser. There will hopefully be a distance between the original wound and the now. We can look back and see how we have integrated the lessons through our life so far. Where have we gone wrong but most importantly where have we learned and put it right? Hopefully, we can all look back and as in true Libra fashion weigh up the pros and cons, and find ourselves triumphant on occasion.

Once past the return, the hope is that we will then be able to use our experiences to help, motivate and educate those who follow in our footsteps. However this role should be taken as a guiding, nurturing role, offering advise only when it is sought after. Being a hard taskmaster or pointing out others’ mistakes would be missing the whole point of Chiron’s lesson. If we do that, we then take away their own agency to make a mess of things and therefore learn their own lessons that they can then pass down when they reach a venerable age.


Astrology forecast; Mercury retrograde Monday 27th September 2021 6.10 GMT

For those of us in the UK, it may not be much of a surprise that the planet of travel and communication has slowed down and stationed (stopped basically) at 25° Libra as of Friday. The recent debacle at the petrol pumps here in the UK has been a classic Mercury retrograde manifestation. It is so literal it becomes another ‘Astrology Good’ sign but not so great having to live through it.

Normally at Their usual speed, Mercury moves a degree a day, but when the retrograde phase starts, the planet seems to slow down, stop, and then go backward. This means Mercury will sit at 25° Libra for 6 days and then retrace the degrees back to 10° Libra, where it will slow down, stop and then turn back direct on 19th October moving over the same degrees in a forward motion.

We have three weeks of the retrograde period. Then it takes until the first week in November before it moves past the 25° Libra point, so that’s when we can really start planning for trips, meetings, business deals, and other Mercury things.

I had mentioned the Via Combusta area before and this is playing on my mind a bit as the world is in such a volatile state at the moment, we really do need to walk carefully on those hot coals. The square to Pluto is also something that can literally regurgitate up from the deep, dark, depths, things that some may not want to be shared. I am expecting there to be some interesting stories coming out of Whitehall that the Government would probably like to keep under lock and key. Watch this space!

On a personal level, anyone with planets between 10-25° Libra, have a look at your chart to determine what the themes will be for you. For example, if it is in your 1st House as the Ascendant ruler, then things to do with your body or self-image may be reinvented, or maybe a return to a health regime. Or in your 10th House, if you own your own company maybe there will be work issues with emails going astray or you have to re-evaluate your working structure. In relationships especially as we are looking at Mercury in Libra, reconnection with people you have not been so close with recently (if you want to of course!). Maybe redecorate your house, or redesign an altar space. Something pleasing that will make an aesthetic difference to your surroundings.

Anything that is revisiting, reworking all the ‘re’ words is good to work with through this period. Mostly the advice is not to start anything brand new but certainly, go back to something you have previously been working on or considered but not got round to. Mostly though, expect delays, give yourself a little bit more time to get somewhere, and check your emails and messages are going to the right place!

Wishing you all safe travels and pleasant communications through this period.

Astrology Forecast; Mabon, Autumn Equinox. Sun moves into Libra 22nd September 2021 20.21 GMT

Mabon blessings to everyone who celebrates.
Today is the Pagan festival, which celebrates the balance of light into the dark as we move from summer to autumn. At this time the second harvest is celebrated, as the abundance we have grown over the past season is bought into the home to sustain us through the dark months of winter. This was a very important time before the modern appliances, nothing went to waste. Jams, cider, pickles, and chutneys were prepared and stored for winter. At this time of year we have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, so where you can eat fresh and local and what you have spare, donate to the community. These are all parts of the ethos of this season.

As for the Sun, He is not so happy here in Libra, it is technically called the Sun’s detriment as it is opposite the sign of Aries where it is exalted. Why is this? The Sun is the planet of self actualisation, the journey of the self/soul, it is oriented in searching for one’s own personal truth. In Libra the Sun is being asked to speak to others within a relationship setting, therefore acknowledging that other people also have their spiritual path to follow. This is where Libra gets the reputation for being great mediators, collaborators and always searching for relationships. I have discussed before the fact that Libra is not always looking for harmony though, they are looking for balance. Therefore they will quite happily pick an argument or become mournful in a room where they feel everything is flowing along happily, just to keep the energy in balance.

Librans are also often accused of ‘sitting on the fence’ in an argument or debate or just can’t make up their mind. This is also not always the case as they are very able to see both sides of the story and will know very well what they actually want, it’s just not always easy to actualise their own wishes without first taking others into account. This is where manipulation can come in by gently guiding the other in the direction that they really want to go. After all, Librans are very charming, a lot of people can fall for that.

This does not mean that Librans are lacking any more than any other sign, all signs have both good points and bad points none are better than another. It is why the whole chart has to be taken into consideration when reading in a consultation. What has to be remembered is that to get the best from the energies of the signs, Libra needs to interact with another to become the best version of itself. Libra is good taste, relationship-oriented, artful, tactful, and charming too.
There is also another component to the loss of power of the Sun in Libra as it contains the Via Combusta or the ‘fiery way’, which occupies the last fifteen degrees of Libra into the first fifteen degrees of Scorpio. This is a place that in medieval astrology was seen as dangerous for planets, as here we have are detriment of the Sun (in Libra) and the fall of the Moon (in Scorpio), so both luminaries are at low points in power. (Kim Farnell has a great book on this subject called Fiery Travels: The Via Combusta, ISBN 978-1-908810-09-0. Thanks will always go to my good friend Kerry for gifting this book to me, as it leads me back into the study of astrology, especially ancient astrology. There are gems to find in all those hot coals that line the path!)

Mercury and Mars are also in Libra, which has been discussed in earlier posts. Mercury is currently walking the Via Combusta and preparing to retrograde back through to 10° and will then have to traverse the area again once it goes direct again. This is a dangerous road for Mercury to be fire walking, backward and forwards, but for me, it is asking what is on this path that is so dangerous that just has to be discovered and communicated? Mars and the Sun will follow to run the fiery gauntlet, of course, Mars loves fire so I am wondering what He is going to be kicking up once He gets into his house in the first half of Scorpio? Creating a lot of steam! Luckily Venus will have passed out of that area in a couple of days, so hopefully that will give a small boost to the situation, She will be relieved to be moving out of the direct opposition to Uranus if nothing else, and looking forward to getting into Sagittarius on October 7th. We can all do with a big dollop of hope.

Blessed Be everyone 🐝

Astrology forecast; Tuesday 21st September 2021

The end of September, going into the beginning of October is a busy time astrologically. It seems ironic that as I write this the sun is bright, the birds are happy, hardly a breeze, all seems calm.

Astrologically however it’s not so peaceful. Venus is in its detriment sign of Scorpio, opposite Uranus in Venus’ home sign of Taurus. If we think about the idea of a sign hosting a planet, Venus is witnessing the crazy antics of a deliberately antagonistic, undisciplined Uranus crashing through her earthly house. She can look across with a telescope and see all that is happening but is too far away to bring any order back to her home. As discussed previously Venus is all biker chick at the moment too, she will be seething with anger over there in Scorpio. For us here on Earth this push me / pull you energy between the two planets brings a feeling of erratic disharmony. This especially will be noticeable in relationships that can swiftly change from one moment to the next, a sudden swing or revelation in our connections with others that can change the dynamic for good or a complete end. It can be difficult to charter our ship in these choppy waters, especially in a thunder storm; you never know if you are going to be hit by lightning! Beware at this time of taking on anything in a relationship that you are not 100% sure has a solid foundation, even then step with caution. Of course if you want to break free this is a good time to cut unhealthy ties.

Mercury in Libra is preparing for Their infamous retrograde that begins on 27th September. As Mercury slows down, any aspects it is now making are elongated past its usual field of influence. At its quickest Mercury moves a degree a day, however on 24th it hits 25° Libra and is there for 5 days. Therefore the square currently to Pluto in Capricorn is a much longer, more intense transit. Talking to a friend last night I described Pluto as a mining planet, what are we trying to go down into the underworld to then bring back up. Mercury is the planet of communication, however it has no morals, it will communicate whatever it finds without worrying about your feelings. My Son who is obsessed with WWE and has a Becky Lynch t-shirt which says ‘I don’t care about your stupid feelings!’ it really is this at the moment. Mercury will say what it sees, reads and hears, we however may not be ready to hear it! Mercury also trines Jupiter, which on paper seems pleasant, however Jupiter will just be making a good job of escalating and expanding the influence of whatever Mercury has to say. Jupiter is retrograde so for me the theme is verbal regurgitation, over and over, a terrible game of Telephone, it’s the media working its machine to great effect. Therefore be aware of what information is given you and scrutinise it with a fine tooth comb. Most importantly, don’t take anything too seriously, letting your emotions get the better of you will cause the Venus/Uranus dynamic to kick off.

Saturn retrograde is trying it’s best to wind some of this energy back in but it has a lot to work against.

The Moon in Aries is also opposite Mars in Libra for a couple of days, meaning any feelings that have been hurt could quickly escalate into a situation that can leave one party ready to fight back.

There are other factors in play too but in preparation for the next few weeks it is worth giving a real thought to how you communicate. What do you want out there in the world and what do you want to take back for your consumption? How are your relationships going whether in love, friendships and at work ? Where are you willing to fight for what you want as against letting go of out worn patterns?

Worldwide the atmosphere is turbulent enough, I hope that whatever happens over the next couple of months your ship sails calm seas. Of course if all else fails, I wish you all the best in fighting your corner effectively.


Full Moon in Pisces, Tuesday 20th September 2021, 00.55 GMT

At the halfway point of the Moon cycle now and it has certainly been an eventful two weeks out there in the world. The Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and Moon. This one is placed at the very end of the Sun’s journey through Virgo at 28° of the sign with the Moon exactly opposite at 28° Pisces. The last two degree in all signs are classed as being weak spots for any planet there, a planet at 29° is called being anaretic. This is a bit like being at a party at the last two dances of the evening, everyone is a bit tired, feet are aching and you just want your bed! These last few degrees of any of the 12 signs are in the Egyptian Terms of either Mars or Saturn the two malefic planets, which explains why we can feel a weakness here.

In the UK the Ascendant for the Full Moon chart will be Cancer, the sign the Moon rules. There are a lot of feelings here that need to be processed and the Full Moon is asking us to look inwardly, this is not a time to be making big plans for physical manifestations.

This Full Moon is one for establishing what needs to be prepared for the long winter nights ahead. How are you going to keep busy and motivated once the balance of night and day is in the favour of long dark nights? Have you got something to keep your brain occupied and your soul full of light? Pisces can sometimes lead us astray with illusion or falsehood, this is something to watch out for, especially with respect to what is happening in the world. It does however reflect back to us it is the Full Moon after all, so be careful what you consume through the media and the gossip you hear, try and disassociate from anything that can drain your inner resources.

Think back to the beginning of this Moon’s cycle at the Virgo New Moon. We were looking at the health of the body, collecting and discerning the material things that need to be kept or discarded. Now here at the Full Moon Pisces asks us to do the same for the soul. If you are looking for a new source of inner exploration I feel this is the Full Moon to start that journey. Pisces is the sign of connecting not just on a one-to-one level but on THE cosmic one-to-one, as part of the continuous whole of the Universe. Finding a way to connect inwardly helps us then to conjoin to that wellspring of Universal energy. For those of you who practice any kind of spirituality, this is the time for plugging into that source within.


Astrology forecast; Mars ingress into Libra, September 15th 2021, 1.14 GMT

I thought I would start with a portion of the Orphic hymn to Ares from the translation by Patrick Dunn* especially as I at the time of writing it is Tuesday the day of Mars.

‘’ Lord Ares (Mars), rattling in armor, always
smeared with slaughter, rejoicing in bloody
murder of men, raising the noise of war;
horrible one, you yearn after the sword
and the unmusical battle of spears:
make raging discord stand still and release
the pain that grieves the heart, and bow your head
to the desire of Kypris (Venus) and the feasts of the Deliverer (Dionysos)’’*

Here in this passage we are introduced to the character of Ares the Greek equivalent of Mars. The love of war and blood is antithetical to the nature of the Venus ruled sign of Libra. We can instantly see how someone covered in the filth of war, barging into a beautifully decorated, delicately fragranced home is going to be received. I think Venus may want Mars to wipe his feet!

This guest/host situation is how Planets in signs work. As Venus is currently in the Mars ruled sign of Scorpio and Mars is moving into the Venus ruled sign of Libra we have what is technically known as a Mutual Reception. This is a good thing in a chart, it gives both planets dignity and they can help each other out, a bit like being able to phone the other and ask them to feed the cat or put the bin out!

Mars whilst in Libra will be co-present with Mercury, which will be helpful to get anything communicated quickly but it may just as quickly be retracted in a couple of weeks due to Mercury turning retrograde on 27th,. This may cause a lot of backtracking and frustration for those who make plans based on the first round of information.

Mars will also connect by trine to both Saturn the planet of boundries and structure and Jupiter the planet of expansion and truth. This calls to my mind an interesting dynamic over the next few weeks. If we think about the nature of Libra and the need to harmonise by communication, adding Mars to the mix can quickly get messy. The Saturn structure can work very well for Mars, think the construction industry or making something with iron, blacksmithing, carpentry, something solid that is cut and then reformed.

The word reform can also apply to the Jupiter connection. When we are looking for reform in a doctrine or law we are looking to cut, sever or throw out something that is no longer working to make room for the new ‘truth’. Mars is more than happy to do the cutting.

What happens when all of this is put together? We have a situation where those who are looking to apply their ‘truth’ will come together and unify to fight their version of the ‘good’ fight. Mars is very willing to come together for that goal. A faction after all needs someone who is a strong, forceful orator who can encourage others to stand with them to help the cause.

There are happier more harmonious versions of Mars in Libra. It can bring mediators, facilitators, martial artists. I also think of Chess as a very Mars in Libra activity, exceedingly civilised but equally we are looking to bring the complete downfall of our opponent.

As we move through these next few weeks things can start to look a bit shaky, there are many astrological influences for the rest of this year that can test our resolve. We may just need that Mars energy to stand up for what we believe to be the truth, to bring about our own sense of harmony.

With this in mind it is worth taking the last few lines of the Hymn to Ares into our hearts and ask Mars to turn all that pent up energy towards reaping the last of the harvest instead. I believe we will need to be sustaining our hearts, minds and souls through the coming months. ‘’And craving peace
that gives happiness and nurtures children,
turn strength of arms to the work of Deo (Demeter/Ceres)’’*

*Dunn, Patrick – The Orphic Hymns, Llewellyn, ISBN 978-0-7387-5344-7


Astrology headlines; Venus ingress into Scorpio, Friday 10th September 2021 21.39GMT

Friday is the day of Venus; apt that today she is our main focus seeing the planet moving into a new sign.

Venus has enjoyed her time at home, wining, dining, entertaining, connecting, chatting and winning over friends and enemies. She has been tentatively holding the balance and status quo, now however she has to accept that a new tact has to be employed. Venus is definitely going to have to get her femme fatal or straight out biker chick mode on to deal with the upcoming themes as the move to Scorpio brings a very different dynamic.

As I was thinking about what to write today, looking at the aspects that Venus is going to make through the sign of Scorpio, I got thinking about the story of Pandora’s box. This weekend will feel intense to start with as the Moon is also in the sign, so both Receptive/Yin quality planets are co-present. With the memory of 9/11 going to be on a lot of peoples minds and in their memories, quite rightly there will be intense emotions connected to this in the general populace.

The connection to Uranus by opposition is the start of an eruptive stage, where things that have been boxed up, hidden and stored away are going to be thrown wide open. As we are dealing with Venusian energy, I can see for example amongst other things, groups demanding women’s rights or a woman unveiling something important that has been tucked away. There are many places in the news worldwide that fit these themes at the moment.

Pandora let her curiosity get the better of her in the story. As Venus moves through Scorpio she will search for the beauty to be found in the dark, slightly spooky interior of Mars’ night sign. Venus spies a beautifully carved box and once Venus desires something, there is no way she can let the urge go. As we know from the story, once the truths and horrors are out of the box, we cannot un-know them.

Over the next couple of weeks the square to Saturn is also going to connect to the story. Pandora tries her best to shut the lid on all the nasties spewing out but to no avail. Saturn is the astrological container, it is going to do it’s best to contain whatever comes out from the secrets that are unleashed; look out for more structured and demanding mandates coming out and the backlash that will come from that. Where there are forces pushing too far one way, there will always be equal force pushing back. This push me pull you situation is going to be very intense and very difficult for Venus to find harmony and balance.

Pandora became another of the feminine scapegoats of antiquity, (let’s blame all evil on women hey?!) but of course the one thing she does find at the bottom of the box is ‘Hope’ and that is very much a theme for Sagittarius. We need to channel our inner goth girl/biker chick/ kickass feminine side (everyone has feminine energy so this applies to all humans!) and stand up for what we believe in. finding a way to mediate in a world that is not at all stable. Then, when Venus enters Sagittarius on 7th October with hard work and a bit of luck we will find that spark of Hope at the bottom of the box.

Over the next few weeks, the most important thing we can do in a world that may seem as if it is coming apart at the seams, is to find our inner space of calm. Spend as much time away from stressful situations, it’s really not the time to get into anything that is petty or trite. The energy has to be saved for the things that are really important to us personally. We cannot control the forces of the energies of the outer planets like Saturn & Uranus but we can help our inner Venus. Look at ways that you can reconnect to yourself and those around you that are important to you, inner balance is the way to navigate this time.

Unless of course if you strongly need to be a child of the revolution, then at least be revolting with style and grace 😉. 🐝


New Moon in Virgo, Tuesday 7th September 1.52am GMT

Already it seems we are at the Virgo New Moon.

Now we are preparing the foundation for the monthly cycle ahead. The Moon in Virgo is a practical one, nurturing through offering advice (whether we want it or not), helping to heal in some way, (maybe a calming herbal tea, an organic meal from the gardens harvest,) looking for ways to organise and prepare for the months ahead.

Thinking about times before the fridge/freezer, this time of year whilst the food is abundant would be a time to discern that which must be eaten now as against that which can be stored in a way that will nourish us in the leaner months to come. This is all very practical and a bit of a buzz kill for those who just like to live for the moment. However to sustain us in harder times we need to be able to organise ourselves in a way that can feed and nourish us body and soul.

As we move through this next month based on this new Moon, have a think about that which sustains you. What can be reaped for the months to come, the seeds to collect to keep for planting next year and that which just needs throwing on the compost heap! After all, every one of our experiences good or bad are useful, even the crap ones!


Moon phases, Waning balsamic Moon in Leo, Friday 3rd September 2021, 16.58 GMT

As the Moon moves towards the New Moon stage on Tuesday, now is the time to reflect on the last cycle and the lessons it has taught us. From 8th August, what have been the themes for you? Now is the time to ask yourself are there any things from the Leo Moon cycle that are now ready to be shed?

The Leo Moon phase is about our personal development, our sense of who we are and where we are going in life. What is important that needs to be cultivated and what can be shed. As this phase of the moves towards the Virgo cycle look at all the things that no longer serve your inner growth towards a more authentic self.

It’s not always easy to be true to yourself and your own needs, it can be difficult to express that without upsetting others. However being true to you is the way forward in becoming a healthier, happier soul. Once you have achieved a more balanced sense of self you can then move out into the world projecting a positive, controlled, happier face to those around you.


Moon phases; Waning crescent in Cancer Wednesday 1st September 2021, 6.26 GMT

The waning Moon in Cancer is opposing Pluto and square Venus. These dynamics can create deep, strong feelings of desire and passion. The Moon will be picking up on that energy and can feel overwhelmed with this intensity. The Pluto/Persephone/Demeter story is certainly playing out in this set of transits.

To add to that the Moon also connects to Mars and Uranus by sextile which can create the alchemical mix of energies that could burst out of the caldron and create a bit of an emotional mess if we are not mindful. Mars and Uranus love a good explosion and they are working well together so be careful how you react to those around you.

The Cancer Moon is sensitive to all the emotional turmoil and can feel completely overwhelmed by these forces. Find ways to let the energy out in a constructive way, keep busy, get some fresh air and most of all keep clear of emotional situations as best you can.


Astro forecast; Mercury ingress into Libra. 30th August 6.10 GMT

Mercury zipped through its home sign of Virgo within 2-1/2 weeks and is now in the sign of Libra where due to the retrograde period it will be until November.

In Libra Mercury really can be silver tongued. The ideal placement in a chart to represent a mediator, strategist, ambassador or diplomat. There are lots of opportunities for this to play out in the world at the moment in many of the tense situations currently unfolding.

For our personal lives this is a time to really think about what we want to say, how we want to communicate and be received by others. Libra loves to have a discussion, but it has to be a well balanced one. If one side gets unbalanced then this Mercury in Libra will play devils advocate and speak for the other side. It can be infuriating to be in this sort of discussion for those of us that are not up to keeping with the swing from one side to the other so quickly. Mercurys’ wit and charm loves this sort of game but for others it can be exhausting.

Once Mercury goes retrograde on 27th, there will be backtracking and that can include taking back words we didn’t mean, or apologising for some other communication or outright deception. Be mindful of your communications in all forms, no one wants to have to apologise for miscommunication.

Up until 11th, Venus is still in Libra supporting Mercury activities, this will be the best time to get anything done that requires mental agility, study, schooling, important meetings, social gatherings or good communication in general.



Moon phases; waning third quarter Moon in Gemini, 29th August 2021, 17.42 GMT

How are you feeling? The Moon in Gemini is a good time to ask others this question but also when in a waning phase, what about yourself?

After the first couple of days of a Bank Holiday weekend where we have fed our senses during the Moon in Taurus, I often find the Monday a time of reflection; after all who really wants to go back to work?! It is a bit different to a typical Sunday as a lot of us will have had an extra day to unwind. I find a Bank Holiday Monday gets me thinking, it is a time to properly reflect and ask myself questions about what is to come over the next couple of months.

If you need to talk about your needs or the needs of others this is a good time to do so. Also spending time with children or your siblings, cousins or friends can create positive feelings. Having a conversation with those people who are close but not quite in your immediate vicinity all the time can be cathartic.

Having general chit chat can be seen by some as irrelevant and a waste of time. However just having a little natter over the fence to a neighbour or a chat on the phone about a book you are reading, or a film you saw can be enough to keep a vital connection to the outside world and help feel part of humanity. Try and keep those conversations light and fun; gossip and badmouthing is something to beware of during this time and can backfire at a later date.The Moons connection to Venus and Saturn can help with some of the more pleasant tasks or those that need a little bit more time and effort to succeed. Writing something that you want to be received well is also something to do today, (I have both of these as part of my day today. Searching the internet then reading a recipe for a dish that takes a long time to cook. Writing an email I am hoping gives me some pleasant meetings in the future).


Moon Phases, waning gibbous Moon in Taurus, 27th August 2021, 05.26am GMT

As the Moon moves into her quieter, darker stage she spends a couple of days in her favourite place Taurus. In this sign the Moon is technically called in her Exalted phase. A planet Exalted is like being treated as an honoured guest in a sign. For the Moon in Taurus this is the Earth sign belonging to Venus and as we have recently discussed Venus loves the finer things in life. Being in a Yin, stable, grounded sign that is furnished comfortably, suits the Moons need for security.

The planet of the unexpected, irrational, rebellious, Uranus is also in Taurus at the moment. It is a long term transit and will be here for a few more years, (it’s creating the craze in crypto currency and the food supply issues among other things) it last week went retrograde. So for the near future any time a planet connects to the sign of Taurus there will be a planetary Uranian feeling. As the Moon moves towards the conjunction, plans for pleasing the senses, relaxing and recouping may not go as expected, so watch out for some interesting twists this weekend, especially with a long weekend ahead for many in the UK.

Whatever surprises may pop up this weekend, try and find a bit of time to indulge the senses. Maybe a long bath, a massage, a new fragrance, some time in a beautiful garden, meet some friends, have a good meal, have fun and maybe try something new. Or possibly go back to something you haven’t done for a while. You should feel a lot better after feeding your senses.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone

Moon phases, Waning gibbous Moon in Aries 24th August 2021, 19.57pm

As the Moon moves into Aries, after a couple of days being opposite Mercury and Mars, the Moon is now in Mars diurnal sign.

Aries is a sign of action, ambition, courage, enterprise and sometimes can be a bit rash and abrupt. The Aries energy is always on the move forward, looking for the next new thing to win over or innovate. These things can be anything from the physical to the spiritual and anything in between, the main theme with Aries is the initiating, pioneering spirit for the task.

The Moon in this sign will be looking to find ways to get needs met, to initiate some kind of new caring regime or just making sure that for these next couple of days the chores are getting done. Are there are new fun, exciting ways to keep the kids busy after what may now be seeming like an endless school holiday!? There is a sextile to Saturn so hopefully it won’t feel like quite so much of a chore. The opposition to Venus in Libra will hopefully encourage others to find your new ideas interesting, harmonious and enchanting.

Wherever the Moon needs to push itself into action, for self nourishment, family care or even out in the public domain try and keep some energy back for yourself. The sign of Aries can sometimes push us to do just a bit too much causing burnout.

Moon phases; Waning Gibbous Moon in Pisces, 22nd August 13.42 GMT
After the energy of the Full Moon, the phase changes quickly into the Pisces part of this cycle. As we started at the Leo New Moon this is a feeling of integrating both the New and Full Moon energies. And this is a perfect way of looking at these phases, as discussed yesterday, it is finding a way to bring both energies into ourselves in a positive way.

Pisces wants us to meld with the Other in a way none of the other signs do. It is looking to combine all the knowledge together to create a Wholeness that transcends the mundane. The Moon in this sign can sometimes then feel totally overwhelmed with the needs of the Other to the point of exhaustion. Especially when the Others are an opposition from Mars and Mercury, which could cause some harsh words, frustrations when travelling or just annoyances in general.

Today and tomorrow be kind to yourself, try and find a few minutes of peace, calm and relaxation. In a world filled with needs of the many, we can sometimes forget that we have to care and nurture ourselves too.

Astrology headlines; Sun moves into Virgo, Sunday 22nd August 22.35 GMT

We haven’t had the typical expression of Sun in Leo in the meteorological sense. Whether you put that down to climate change which is becoming more apparent every year or, to the Sun being opposite Saturn through the whole sign aspect, we can certainly say in the UK it’s been a soggy Summer so far.

As the Sun moves into Virgo it moves away from the sign based opposition from Saturn, which has depressed both its ability to shine outwardly and for many Sun Leos (I can attest to this on a personal level) inwardly too.

The move into Virgo for the Sun gives the juxtaposition of stability and flexibility as Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign. The Sun is always looking for a way to define our sense of being, giving us the vision to move forward to achieve a sense of higher consciousness, connecting to our soul. The Sun expressed through Virgo gives an analytical, practical look into the goal of the soul. Virgo is the sign of the Maiden who harvests the grain. A good time to get out into the garden, harvesting the crops, clearing and preparing for the change to Autumn. But this can work on a personal level too and with the Sun in the sign, this is how it will express itself, to itself. Virgo analyses, quietly going about it’s business, it organises, collects and distributes data, working behind the scenes to achieve its goal.

Virgo also has it’s mystical side and can achieve great success through quiet meditation and inner dialogue.

As we watch the nights draw in and the temperature start to drop we can use this Virgo period to decide what has worked well this year. Then we can cut away anything that has not been as fruitful, allowing us the mental space to lay fallow ready for new ideas to plant and cultivate.

Moon phases, Full Moon in Aquarius (2nd one) 22nd August 2021 13.02 GMT.
Two full Moons happen in the same sign when the first one is very early in the signs and the second one is very late in the signs. This one takes place just before the Sun moves into Virgo later today and the Moon moves into Pisces.

The tense aspect of the Sun Moon opposition is always apparent at a full Moon, the energies are very push me pull you whatever the two signs are. In the Leo/Aquarius axis the inner search for Sun’s divine truth in Leo is pulled by the Moon in Aquarius responsibilities to those who are seen as marginalised. How can we care for those who are outside the wall of ‘normal’ life. This is something playing out in the news more and more at the moment, this will be more to do with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius as a longer term transit, however this Full Moon should trigger something inside of us to look at being more altruistic in nature.

I often say that the Moon in Aquarius is caring through a Hazmat suit. There is a need to care for others but Aquarius Moon types also need to have a boundary between themselves and the other. This dichotomy creates those who can seek social justice, fight for causes away from their immediate environment but in personal one to one interactions can seem distant and even cold. The lesson from any full Moon is learning to blend and balance the energies. During this Leo/Aquarius one finding the Suns goal of a deeper, loving soul can be found through altruistic means, looking a bit further afield than oneself for places and people to care and nurture. Is there a cause you feel drawn towards or a place or people that needs attention on the fringes? These are actions that can help us to feel the inner joy along with the need to care for others ‘out there’.

Moon phases; waxing gibbous Moon in Capricorn 18th August 2021, 6.58am GMT

In Capricorn the Moon is currently as far away as she can be from her home in Cancer, this is called detriment. In astrology this works as the opposition point to any planets home/domicile sign.

Feelings can be dampened down with the energies of Capricorn, who can be concentrating on all the earthly mundane tasks that need to be fulfilled, leaving little time for feelings and emotional needs. The work and responsibilities, duty of care and general chores can get us down as they can seem never ending.

A light relief can come from positive trine connections from the Mercury / Mars conjunction, giving structure to things that need to be physically and mentally worked towards. There is also a nice trine to Uranus in Taurus too, which could bring some nice surprise or maybe some inspiration to get moving on a project that has been sitting in the background.

Making the most of these energies can get a lot done today, meaning the work pile and to do list can be reduced significantly rewarding the hard work with a feeling of satisfaction.

The Moon will conjunct Pluto tomorrow, and this can sometimes drag our emotions down into deep contemplation. Try and look at this as mining for the inner spiritual gold, rather than letting the energy suck you into quicksand.


Astrology headlines; Venus moves home to Libra. 16th August 2021 5.26am GMT

Libra is one of two homes belonging to Venus and after being in her Fall in Virgo, this will feel like a blessed relief.

My tale of Venus fleeing the palace as she left Leo, through the kitchen garden of Virgo has left her looking for some well deserved time in her own luxurious abode.

In Libra, Venus is all about the aesthetics; interior design is a passion.

Venus will expect her staff to have her home clear of anything that she would find even slightly dishevelled, dirty or worn (unlike Mercury in Virgo a few days ago who insists on hygiene but can certainly live with second hand, well worn furniture.)

As Venus returns, she will want fine wine poured, her favourite sweet treats served on perfect platters. There will be gentle music in the background to greet guests of the most refined nature to arrive for a sojourn where she can impress them all with the best of every luxury. She will enjoy communicating with all her aquaintances, smoothing any issues with a smile, a gentle touch of the hand, a tinkling laugh. There are to be no arguments in her house, unless of course she has created them!

As we think of these themes, this is a time when we may be drawn to items for their look alone, a piece of new art or sculpture, fabric or furniture, not for it’s practicality, just because we fall in love with it. Communication, especially in situations that need to be mediated can go much smoother. Looking for ways to bring more harmony and balance into our lives is a pleasant task.

Venus has an insatiable apatite for that anything that is too refined. As with anything too much of good thing has it’s downside too. No one wants to wake up with a hangover and a bellyache!

Also something that is overlooked with Libra is it’s need to balance everything. So if a party does seem to be going a little too smoothly, Venus is Libra can purposely cause a little ‘scene’ through manipulating the talk, just so they can then be seen to smooth it all over again.


Moon phases; Waxing gibbous Moon in Sagittarius 16th August 2021 4.11am GMT

As the Moon grows towards it’s full light, She now finds herself in the sign of Sagittarius, looking for a way to broaden emotional experiences, taking them to a higher level.

At this time we can feel drawn towards our Spiritual practices, religion, higher learning, justice, politics and expanding our minds through philosophy. And now as things start to move on in the world, even planning travel a bit further from home. With the helpful sextile to Saturn these ideas can be long lasting (even though this will include working diligently ) if we want them to be.

There is a square from Mercury and Mars that could cause the already clumsy Sagittarius energy to blurt out something that could be left unsaid, so just keep that in mind for the next day or so.

Moon Phases, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio, 14th August 1.01am GMT

The waxing moon is very busy in Scorpio this month. The deep inner emotions that can be felt at this time can be triggered by many of the planetary connections over the next couple of days. It really can feel a bit turbulent, so hold on to you seat!

Uranus is opposite the Moon; emotional outbursts can come out of the blue, then just as quickly disappear. You may not even get chance to filter these eruptions. The consequences could be deep and long lived so be careful. If you are likely to have an emotional battle with someone, maybe wait until next week to confront them.

Just remember, Scorpio has a sting in their tail, only poke the monster if you are willing to pay the price.

With this in mind it is also worth considering that the Moon is squaring the Sun and this is where the cycle began, so if passions run high and deep they could affect one’s self esteem. Also squaring Saturn and then Jupiter, the Moon is running the gamut of emotions.

Good news, the Moon is also sextile Mercury, then Mars then Venus, so even though words can be a bit taut for a while, hopefully Venus will smooth things over in the end.

Use this time to delve deep into what makes you feel emotional, why you react the way you do and evaluate what is real and what is fake. Scorpio loves to quarry into a situation, digging out the secrets. The best of which are our own personal truths.


Astrology Headlines; Mercury ingress in to Virgo 11th August 2021 22.57 GMT

Virgo is not just a home for Mercury, it is where They are most dignified, a term called exaltation.

I imagine Mercury returning home after another one of Their long journeys. Their dog is over the moon to see them, giving a big welcome. The housekeeping staff are ever efficient, all the homecoming details have been meticulously prepared and are in place. There is a healthy meal ready, the library fire has been lit, candles are burning brightly, the inkwell is full, a fresh clean stack of paper ready on a clean tidy desk.

Mercury bounds in with endless stories and jokes, treats all in the household as friends, pets the dog warmly as They show the marvellous things They have found on Their travels. Then they quickly retreats to the sanctity of their study.

In Gemini, Mercury can sometimes seem superficial or only interested in the fleeting news of the day. In Virgo however, the intellect is pushed much deeper and broader through processing and cataloguing the information gleaned.

This is the picture I get when I think of Mercury in Virgo. There are so many details that need to be captured in stories, either spoken or written so that they can be told again and again. If every infinitesimal scrap of information is not recorded then the whole tale cannot then be relayed.

I imagine Mercury pouring over their books, analysing every bit of knowledge they picked up in their Gemini guise to then piece together Their experiences, cataloguing them for future reference. For some this may seem tedious but Mercury loves to integrate knowledge.

With all this in mind, the energies for the intellect at the moment should be very good for any project that needs to be detailed, correlated, examined or processed in some way. Our communication skills can be heightened, if you are inclined to writing, this is an especially good time to get on with that project.

Moon Phases: Waxing Crescent in Libra 12th August 21.06 GMT.

As the moon moved in to the sign of Libra it trines Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. Therefore today and tomorrow can have themes of interacting with or having responsibilities and obligations to older family members. However this should not feel like too much of a burden, in fact think of this time as providing a much needed boost to a loved ones day. After all the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus who wants to harmonise and connect with people.

If you get a chance, make that phone call or pop over with a piece of cake, make a cuppa and have a little chat with someone who needs to feel like they are cared for. These little sweet touches when we nurture others make all the difference to our long term relationships with them.

Hopefully one day when you need a bit of TLC , the favour will be returned.

Moon Phases, Waxing Crescent in Virgo, 9th August 2021 15.55 GMT

The Leo new Moon has now moved on into Virgo taking that hint of the fire energy with it. The Moon will quickly connect with Mars over the next day, then on the 11th will reach Venus. An interesting change in dynamics.

Virgo is the sign of discernment, putting together small details, planning, arranging and compiling information. The Moon can also help with these tasks as the memory function. However the danger can be that emotions can get in the way. As the Moon is crossing Mars over the next day it may be worth remembering that some of the minor details can be put to one side rather than letting them become annoying and frustrating, especially if dealing with the traditional expression of the Moon, the Mother figure!

Wait a day and then the Moon will connect to Venus who will be able to aid the Virgo energy to examine the finer details and they will be much ‘finer’ as Venus will have her say, the words will be more refined and diplomatic too.

Keep away from any frustrations that can be avoided, only deal with the really pressing things over the next day. All the minor stuff can wait until the astro weather has improved and the emotions are less likely to pop.

Sometimes we do need to take a stand. If you do need to use the Mars energy to get a point across, think through your words and write a list of the issues before throwing them out into the world. Then present these issues with a back up of the detail. This is a great way for Mars to express its assertive quality here in Virgo territory in a healthy way, putting across your valid points but in a well thought through, analytical manner.

New Moon in Leo, 8th August 14.50 GMT
Here we are at the beginning of a new cycle of the Moon, beginning with a Leo energy.

There have been two themes this week that have come up for me over three times. When that happens I take note of it to try and decipher the messages I should be learning. One of those for me is clearly representing the Leo New Moon energy. (The other I will come back to later in the week.)

A couple of days ago whilst the Moon was in Cancer I mentioned that every New Moon carries it’s energy through it’s following monthly cycle. The Cancerian cycle was very typically watery and Lunar. This New Moon is Solar and fiery.

The archetype that has shown itself a number of times this week is the story of Narcissus and Echo. Narcissus was a hunter who got distracted whilst on a hunt by a still reflective pool, he caught his own reflection and could not pull himself away from it. Echo was a nymph who was constantly calling to him for attention but went unheard.

This story for me is very New Moon Leo, Narcissus the Solar and Echo the Lunar. Leo as the sign that is most about self attainment, the Divine spirit within, the ultimate goal of creating the perfect self; we can create an overly inflated opinion of our greatness, the same as Narcissus viewing his perfect reflection. The vision we can construct for ourselves can become over blown and inflated, puffed up, full of pride. But of course pride begets a fall and that can be a big danger.

Echo had previously upset Hera and been cursed to only be able to repeat another’s last words. She fell in love with and could see the beauty in Narcissus, she was desperate for him to share that with her. Of course the tale ends badly because Narcissus was only interested in himself.

This story also carries a flavour of the other aspect currently taking place of Venus opposite Neptune. Infatuation with false images, missing the true meaning of love and beauty, the fascination with things that are not quite tangible. These themes will also get carried through the Moons cycle.

How can we integrate that story and change the outcome for Narcissus and Echo? Well firstly, we do need to acknowledge the good within ourselves, the accomplishments we have achieved, be proud of the work we have done. But then we need to find a way to share that knowledge and inner beauty with others in a healthy way as a gift, not trying to dominate others with our puffed up pride. Leo at it’s best is warm hearted and generous and these are the traits to be taken forward into the month.

As for Echo, well Narcissus wasn’t interested in her, therefore she has to stop wasting away her life waiting for someone else’s approval. She has to find her own inner sovereignty, become her own person and look to herself for validation. This hopefully she can work to attain at the next Full Moon (another one in Aquarius 22nd August).

The moral of this story for me is that to be a whole spiritual human being, we have to learn the balance of standing in ones own power but then sharing that graciously with others. This is the goal to be attained, the true heroes quest.

Moon Phase; Waning Crescent in Cancer 4th August 2021, 22.17 GMT

We have come full circle from the Moons last starting phase as a New Moon in Cancer back on the 10th July. We are now given a time to reflect on the lessons that Cancerian Moon has taught us during Her journey through the 12 signs. As this cycle started from the Home/Domicile of the Moon herself, these lessons should be pure Cancerian Moon lessons.

How have you been feeling this month? Have you found you have been more aware of your emotional state and has it fluctuated? Have you managed to get out and about in the public realm? Have you been more aware of you body and how it responds to you? Have you spent more time with family? Reminiscing with family and close friends? Delving into family history? Been shopping for antiques? Travelled or planned to travel?

Have a think about all these Moon/Cancerian topics as this should have been the overlapping theme as She travelled through the Zodiac. This is the time to reflect on those lessons and integrate ready for the New Moon in Leo on Sunday when we start from a very different kind of Moon energy.


Moon Phases. Waning Crescent in Gemini 2nd August 9.46am.

The Moon is now in it’s declining phase of the month, a time of contraction and inward focus. Any magic work done at this time should be for inward flow, letting go of anything that is not working, or harvesting the good and removing that which no longer serves.

With the Moon in this part of the cycle and with Mercury the ruler of the sign of Gemini currently under the beams of the Sun unseen, this is an interesting time. The Moon as well as Mercury are planets of travel, they are the quickest two planets we see from Earth. The symbolism of both these planets that represent travel and brain function (Mercury is our communication skills, the Moon is our memory) being in their darker phase are thought-provoking.

As the Moon moves through the whole zodiac over the month, She picks up bits of information from each sign. From all She has seen, absorbed and integrated, She stores those experiences away to be remembered and used at a later date. As she travels through Mercurys’ domain usually we would feel like meeting up and having a chit chat over a cuppa with close friends or family, meeting up in a local group or the like.

I feel with this pass through Gemini the Moon is not feeling the same urgency to communicate outwardly. This is more an inner dialogue with oneself and our guides, angels, ancestors. Still communication but on a slightly deeper level than is normal for Gemini.

Writing and reading something that helps you to feel connected to the interior self is a good use of the need to communicate, starting a journal, giving thought to the way you nurture yourself are always good practice but even more so today.

Mercury/Sun conjunction opposite Saturn 1st August 22.50 GMT.

Mercury are currently at the point of exact conjunction to the Sun, which puts them as I described a couple of days ago in their chthonic, underground, unseen stage. This brings the thoughts inwards, we are more likely to be reflecting on our inner dialogue rather than trying to broadcast information outwardly.

As the two conjoined planets are opposite Saturn, this can bring that inner dialogue down into pessimistic, negative thinking, or just push our thoughts towards all the responsibilities we have ahead of us that are ours alone (either real or perceived). It’s a Sunday evening and anyone who is back to work tomorrow may feel this is typical at the end of the weekend, however this can feel just a little bit more than that.

The goods news is this is not a long lasting transit and after a few days both Sun and Mercury will get further away from the depressing pull of Saturn. After all it’s done a good job of depressing our weather here in the UK through Leo season so far, I’m actually really looking forward to Virgo season and maybe a bit of sunshine, both internal and external.

For tonight though the best thing to be done to lift the spirits is meditate, write, relax, keep the inner dialogue as uplifted as possible.


Moon phases.
Waning third quarter in Taurus 30th July 2021 21.08 GMT

The Moon is into it’s last quarter now, heading back towards its dark phase and the New Moon next Sunday.

As the Moon is in Taurus, what sustains us becomes an important theme. The sign of Taurus is a receptive/Yin Earth sign ruled by Venus.

Venus does not like lack, she gets very upset if her favourite sweet treats are not in the cupboard. She equally does not like it when the house is a mess or sudden structural damage in the home needs attention. If her favourite incense has disappeared, her flower vase is empty, her most luxurious silk dress is still at the dry cleaners.

All these things matter to Venus as her Earth sign revels in all things sensuous. The Moon travelling through here wants that feeling of stability and luxurious pampering.

At the moment however Taurus has an unstable house guest in the guise of Uranus, who loves to disrupt everything, hide the food, dig up the roses and plant conifers, you get the point. As the Moon moves through this sign (and this has been a theme for a few years already, you may have noticed, and is going to be every time the Moon is in Taurus until 2026!) the feeling that what was once very solid is not quite as it was, the foundations of our tangible world and what we need to feel physically safe and secure is not quite as stable as we have always believed. Our sense of what is most valuable and beautiful may also be tested.

Therefore, rather than fighting to hold on tightly to old patterns in the areas of the physical world and what we value, look at the ways you can use the rebellious, forward thinking Uranus to change things in those areas for the better. By doing this you flow with the energy, the Moon then becomes less overwhelmed by the Uranian need for progress and can start to navigate her way through the tough times. The Moon is very good at remembering things she learnt and for a lot of us I would say she is our best way through a lot of the last years troubles. Her speed through the signs helps her to pass on all the information she learns each month, as difficult as change can be, it is inevitable.

Astrology headlines, Mercury moves in to Leo 28th July 2021 2.11am
Delta Aquariid meteor shower peak tonight. 

Mercury can never be more than 28° away from the Sun (this is from our position on Earth). Therefore in an astrology chart of any kind Mercury can only be in the sign the Sun is in, the sign before or the sign after.

At the moment the Mercury is very close to a conjunction to the Sun, this puts Mercury (Hermes) in it’s chthonic stage. This means it is not seen by us because it is too close to the Suns light.

The stories of Hermes being able to traverse all areas above and below ground are due to this phase. Hermes as the messenger was one of the few Gods or mortals who could enter the realm of Hades and return to the overworld.

At this stage of Mercury’s phase, for us on Earth we cannot see them. It therefore plays out in the symbolism of the time for us humans. People born with Mercury close to the Sun can as children be quiet, thoughtful and seem from the outside as shy, then as they grow older that can change.

Whilst Mercury is transiting, as they are at this point in time, this can bring inner reflective thoughts, a time to back off a bit from all the hubbub of communication and quickness in the outer world.

As this is happening in the sign of Leo, this is a time for self reflective expression. If you have been considering a new spiritual practice, or going back to one, meditating or connecting with your guides, the next few days are a great time to talk to them, get centred in the self and integrate the information.

Astrology forecast headlines
Jupiter returns to Aquarius (until 28th December 2021), opposite Mars in Leo 13.42 GMT

As from today Jupiter moves out of it’s home sign of Pisces as it retrogrades back into Aquarius. At this time it will form an opposition to Mars in Leo. Firstly, Jupiter has been happy in Pisces it’s one of it’s homes, the lighter feeling that has been about since May, lifting of restrictions and meeting up with friends and family has been because of this. However, there are still things that need to be sorted out in Aquarius, unfinished business.

As Jupiter returns to Aquarius this will help to give a bit of a relief to anyone who is a Fixed sign. For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, there is a tension aspect from Uranus in Taurus and that has been causing a lot of unexpected upset in our foundational situations. Hence the fluctuating food prices and availability, crypto currency, building supplies (one that we in our home have had to deal with in our lives!).

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, therefore time is a factor , however we are looking at the future rather than the past as in Capricorn Saturns’ other sign. What has Jupiter the planet of optimism, generous spirit, expansion, philosophy and spiritual wisdom still got left to do in future leaning, system opposing, radical, humanitarian Aquarius? A feeling that there are still important structures that need to be put in to place before we can move forward and that is something Jupiter can offer help and advice on.

First though, remember the story I gave a few days ago about Mars having a little bit of work to do before moving into Virgo. This is it, Mars/Jupiter can certainly be the archetypal knight in shining armour, honourable, noble, looking for a holy quest and that could play out in individual lives. However there is also a tendency for Jupiter expanding Mars’ ability to frustrate, aggravate, sever and just all in all shout loudly about how everyone else is wrong and they are right. Therefore over the next few days try and keep in mind that the best way of dealing with frustration is to be wise, just and use generosity, spiritual wisdom, breath work, all of these can help to keep yourself centred. After all, with Mars still in Leo the possibility is that losing ones temper can create a pride before the fall scenario and that is never a pleasant feeling.

Moon phases, Waning Gibbous in Pisces, 4.30am

After having to work it’s way through the cold airy terrain of Aquarius over the weekend and having to encounter the less than nurturing Saturn as it did so, today is a relief from all that chilly unfeeling energy.

The Moon moved into Pisces this morning and made a conjunction to Jupiter as it did, bringing with it a bit of a lift. Hopefully today, even though it is a Monday you have felt a bit more in touch and nourished in your feelings.

Did you have some interesting dreams early this morning? Found something that made you feel a bit disconnected in a good way? Day dreaming, meditation, getting lost in a great book? All ways of enjoying the Moon feelings that come in Pisces.

Of course as with anything there are always things to be careful of, don’t get too lost in your imagination or get drawn into something that on the surface looks great but could really just be a flight of fancy.

The Moon is currently also opposite a bit of a critical Venus in Virgo, so try to stay away from a mirror if you are inclined to self criticizing or if there is a female energy in your life that likes to do that for you.

Otherwise, enjoy the feeling of just letting go, have a nice bath, or just chill out and relax, after this weekends energy you probably deserve it.


Moon Phases, Full Moon in Aquarius July 24th 2021 3.37am GMT

Strong Leo/Aquarius energy!!

We are halfway through the Moons cycle now, at the point where it is opposite the Sun creating the most light reflection to us on Earth.

The Full Moon has always been a wonderous sight, even more so before the world was falsely illuminated.

I was just looking up words that contain ‘Luna’ in them. Most are directly connected to our planets only satellite; lunar, sublunary etc. The obvious other one is attached to the way the Full Moon is supposed to create crazy behaviour, lunatic, lunacy.
I did however find Mezzaluna 
literally half moon in Italian. This is something anyone who prepares a lot of fresh herbs would use, magick workers preparing herbs would be familiar with this tool.

The Moon in Aquarius is a placement natally that can be difficult; Aquarius lives outside the containment of ‘normal’ society causing the person to feel detached and lonely sometime. Always looking for ways to improve the conditions of humanity, rebelling against the constraints of power and longing for social justice, these natives are caring from a distance!

The Moon in Aquarius feels that the world should be doing better for humanity as a collective (this does not mean strong Aquarians like being with individuals, they often don’t!) the Sun as the symbol of self awareness, individual growth and soul attainment is a difficult opposition. That is what always causes a push me, pull you effect at a Full Moon, wanting to do one thing to create a new self, burn a trail as an individual against the inner feelings of the Moon placement. If the Full Moon activates your placements (as it is mine this month as a Leo Sun) it can cause a lot of inner turmoil.


Astrology headlines; Venus moves on to Virgo , 01:37am GMT
Sun moves home to Leo , 15:26 GMT

I woke up this morning with this following story in my head regarding the move of Venus out of Leo into Virgo just before the Sun moves back into it’s home sign.

Venus has been living the high life in the royal palace of the Sun. She has eaten all the food, dressed in all the fineries, bedecked herself in the crown jewels, been having love tristes with anyone who takes her fancy. Most of all she has been having a fling with Mars whilst he too was in the sign. I see Mars in Leo as a knight of the realm, shining armour, ready for battle, asking everyone around him to prove themselves in a joust, or a sparring match. Then Venus came along and flashed a smile and the two of them ran off to the empty royal suite to have their passion together.

However, the news arrives at the palace gate, ‘The Royal party is on it’s way home!’ Mars needs to honour his King and swear allegiance to the throne before he can depart the house of Leo but Venus needs to hot tail it out before the tales of her mischief, meddling in others affairs and intrigue are discovered.

But where can Venus hide and how? Into the kitchen garden dressed as a maid. Really not a look Venus likes at all. However she has to hide somewhere! So she will make the best of the situation, creating beauty even in the lowest of situations. The garden will bloom beautifully, wholesome nutritious fruit and veg will grow and ripen ready for harvest, she will determine the best herbs to harvest as she quietly moves on her way on to her home of Libra over the fence.

The Royal party of the Sun will come home to find there are a lot of things that need to be cleared up before they can sit back on their throne and enjoy their rulership. Giving Mars a quest and kicking him out of the palace will be the first job; Mars will follow Venus into Virgo next week. As the Sun comes home, the fixed nature of fire is very evident here in the UK, we are now in what is traditionally the most stable part of the Summer season. The Sun seems to shine just that little bit brighter and warmer. We feel the need to kick back and be lions (male lions the females are still working on bringing home the food) , laid back, relaxed and not bothered by stress and worry. Life should be fun and Leo loves fun and games. Seems very apt as the majority of the schools will be broken up for the summer holidays by tomorrow.

Even if you are not able to get away for a holiday this year, try and use the Leo season to have some fun times, enjoy life, find time time to assess what makes your inner self glow with contentment and help others to see their inner light too.

Happy Leo season everyone. (Other than Venus of course, off to the garden for you!)


Moon Phases Waxing Gibbous, Moon in Capricorn
21st July 2021 23.36 UK

The Moon moves into Capricorn late this evening bringing with it some heavier energy than the last couple of days.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and brings a sense of weight to feelings when the Moon moves into the sign. Themes of responsibility, hard work and stability are present , things that do not necessarily make us ‘feel’ good. The Moon who is all feely and emotional does not like being in a Saturn ruled sign where the terrain is all cold and rocky.

Tackling the way we process our emotions away from others is a theme we have become all too familiar with over the last 18 months. However I have heard a number of people say that coming out of lockdown has caused some anxiety over reconnecting. (Now that will be very evident in the next few weeks I think once Venus moves into Virgo tomorrow, but that’s another story!) Hopefully you will have been able to find some coping mechanisms that help to make you feel better when you are dealing with your day to day responsibilities. Find a way to lighten your day with something that makes you laugh; according to Vettius Valens Capricorn people are ‘fond of jokes’ among some of it’s less joyful character listings!

I however have a perfect example of Moon in Capricorn playing out tomorrow. I have an elderly female relative whom I am having to take to an appointment. It’s going to take a lot of organising with taxi’s and dealing with the health professionals. I am her ‘next of kin’ so she is my responsibility and pushing a wheelchair in this current heat, through a town centre is not going to be fun. May not be a joyful experience for me but it fits the astrology perfectly!

Moon Phases, Waxing Second Quarter, Moon in Sagittarius 
18th July 2021
I am always pleased when the Moon moves out of Scorpio, all that heavy energy is a lot!
Luckily, we get a good dose of a jovial couple of days as the Moon moves into Sagittarius. Now themes are focused interestingly on freedom of movement, we are now out of lockdown in the UK and a lot of schools will be breaking up for the summer holidays too. Hopefully everyone is feeling a bit lighter in spirit and finding things to look forward to.
I guess a lot of us won’t be jetting off on long distance holidays this year, which is one of Sagittarius’ themes but higher learning, freedom to be out and about in nature and stretching the mind towards a spiritual practice are other ways we can feel we are freeing ourselves of the past years heavy burdens.
Sagittarius can sometimes be clumsy, in body and in speech, they can say what instantly comes into their minds without filtering the content. It is however not intended to be hurtful even though the words spoken can offend without the Sag’ person even realising! With that in mind, try and be thoughtful with your words and actions to avoid any misunderstandings.
Over the next couple of days have a think about what you enjoy to do to stretch yourself in a way that makes you feel good. Nurture yourself with something that pushes you into pastures new physically, mentally or spiritually. Most importantly have some fun!

Moon Phases; Moon in Scorpio, Waxing Half Moon
18th July 2021
Scorpio is a sign that ‘feels’ very deeply. A strong Scorpio character can sometimes get mistaken as cold and unfeeling but that is actually very far from the truth. The need for privacy is a strong one, which means that showing emotion gives something away that they would rather not share. Not unfeeling at all just a secret squirrel!

What lies underneath, deep under many levels is a passion most of us non Scorpions can not experience. When they love, they love on every level, all their heart, all in. When they hate… well stay away is the best advice.

Scorpio also finds out everything, they watch and learn, examine and detect. If there is a mystery that no-one else can solve, Scorpio will be the one to work it out.
In traditional astrology the planet Mars rules the sign, this is where the passion and drive come from, but unlike it’s other sign of Aries, which is direct and open a soldier on a battlefield, Mars here is silent, stealthy a ninja, just as deadly but a lot quieter!

The Moon as a planet that likes to nurture and feel safe struggles here in Scorpio, feelings are just too strong and powerful. Nurturing becomes overwhelming and stifling. Emotions are just too heavy, it can be like falling into deep dark water and can become uncomfortable.

If you are struggling with some heavy emotional situations today and tomorrow, try and find something that lifts your spirits. Watch something trivial and silly, phone a friend and just have a light hearted discussion. Anything that can stop the emotions dragging you down. As with everything it will pass and by 22.08 tomorrow the Moon will have moved into Sagittarius and things will feel a lot lighter when you wake up on Tuesday morning.

Moon Phases: Moon in Virgo, Waxing Crescent
15th July 2021

Virgo is the sign that likes to take a backseat from the spotlight and work from behind the scenes. I believe it was the astrologer Sue Tompkins who described a friend of hers that was a Moon Virgo who was a stage director in the theatre. Perfectly organised, an eye for every detail and analysing every aspect to help the actors shine on stage.

This is the sign of discernment, which helps to decide actions that need to be taken practically, breaking things down to the smallest level so that big jobs can be spread out over a period of time or among a group of people, (the Moon rules crowds). When the Moon moves through Virgo you may find that there are lots of little jobs that need doing before you can get to the big stuff or before you can go out and play. It may seem a bit tedious but once the housework is done the chores complete, the to do list all crossed off, there is a feeling of great achievement.

Virgo also rules in the body the intestines, as this organ breaks down our food into it’s smallest form for our body to get the most nutrients. Where as the Moon rules our stomach and eating. Therefore whilst the Moon is in Virgo this is a great time to start a new healthy eating regime. Think about the things you want to achieve and break them down into small, workable chunks, you will possibly find you achieve much more that way.

Moon Phases: 11th July 2021, Moon in Leo, Waxing Crescent.

Carrying on with the phases of the Moon and it’s travel through the Zodiac.

Early this morning the New Moon that was exact yesterday in Cancer has now moved into the sign of Leo.

The energies should feel very different today. Leo is classed as Masculine/Active/Yang in it’s energy, opposed to Cancer being Feminine/Passive/Yin. With this more active energy we should feel like getting out and about and letting our light shine being seen. Leo is also the sign associated with a regal demeanour, our creative talents and how we like to present them to the world. Leo also likes to shine a light on others too, helping them to see their own divinity. Leo loves to play games and have fun.

The House that has Leo in your chart will help to explain where these themes are presenting themselves for you. Not everyone will be out on a Football pitch playing in the European Cup Final tonight after all!

Leo is very busy this coming week as there is an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars applying now and the Moon is going to be passing over that energy.

As this week leading up to these energies we have perfect examples of how they work. Leo likes honest played games, we have had Wimbledon and the Euro’s (just in-case you missed it!) The climax of both of these tournaments have bought crowds of people together (The Moon rules the public and crowds) as they have a love (Venus) for a sporting competition (Mars). It all fits perfectly. Don’t forget Uranus is square so anything can happen and Saturn opposite will still be asking us all to stick to the rules. Hopefully everyone will have a fun time though. _____________________________________________________

Moon phases: 10th July 2021, Moon in Cancer, New Moon

Today is a perfect time to start something I was asked about yesterday. How the Moon phases work in our charts and how to use the energies. The Moon moves through the Zodiac taking roughly 2-1/2 days to get through a sign, about 13° a day. This means the Moon makes a full journey through every sign of the Zodiac, roughly 28 days.

As the Moon moves through the signs the way we feel can be very noticeable, especially when the aspect connections to planets and other sensitive points are close. I have been working with this myself, analysing how my moods change through the Lunar month. It is a very useful tool when first learning astrology too, tracking the planet though your own chart. Try keeping a journal on the days events and how you felt personally about them, good or bad. Today is a New Moon in Cancer, a perfect time to start this new look into your chart and start that journal of how the energies make you feel (this in itself is such a Moon in Cancer thing to do!).

The sign of Cancer is the only one ruled by the Moon. As the Moon moves through this sign of The Crab, how we connect with our home environment, our families, our past ancestry, history in general, our sense of security in our bodies come to the forefront. People with strong Cancerian traits can be very motivated by how they feel, which is why they can be seen sometimes as moody. They can also love collecting things, especially antique items or family heirlooms that no one else in the family want, due to the sentimental value.

The Moon being the fastest moving object in the chart, helps us to collect and assimilate information. She can help us how intuitively move through our direct environment and describes how we nurture and like to be nurtured. Traditionally, this is the planet used to represent our physical body, the Mother figure in our lives and how we in turn protect and nurture other people and anything we ‘feel’ strongly about.

I apologise as I am writing this later than I had wanted to but I have been very busy the last few days. Whilst the Moon was in Gemini I had meetings with people every day! Therefore at the time of writing we are at 27° Cancer for the Moon, by 1.20am GMT the Moon will have moved into Leo.

A New Moon is technically where the Sun and Moon are in an aspect called a conjunction, they are at the same degree in the Zodiac. This can be found in an Ephemeris or through the fabulous free site Astrodienst, their chart of the moment feature will show you exactly where the planets are at the time.

As for Moon phases, a New Moon, is a great time to think about what we want to manifest in the next couple of weeks leading up to the Full Moon. Anyone interested in magic, spell crafting or just setting positive intentions now is the time to think about those things you want to come to pass. Write them down in your journal. If you are looking for increase in something then always make sure the Moon has passed the exact degree of the conjunction and is moving toward the next sign.

A great book for setting intentions relative to the New Moon of the month is this one by Jan Spiller, I have used it for over a decade now.…/dp/0553380869/ref=sr_1_3…

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

As a young girl growing up as a member of Generation X (not the mutant heroes!) the family had a large folio size Readers Digest atlas. It was a beautiful book; green with an embossed golden globe on the front, one I wish I still had access to. In the front section of the book was a map of the constellations with their names and imposed pictures of the representing Zodical avatars. My love for the metaphysical began there.

A friend of mine then got a sun sign astrology book with large cartoon pictures in that fascinated us both. For my 12th birthday a family friend bought me my first tarot deck the Tarot of the Old Path by Howard Rodway. I unfortunately misplaced my original deck but my Husband replaced it for me a few years back. The new versions no longer have the silver embossed stars on the Star card that I remember from the original but I am still very happy to have a copy of the set even though I rarely read with them now.

Life does fly by and the years have progressed. I however am still as enthralled with astrology and tarot and have added Qabalah and crystal work among a lot of other similar interests to my list of studies.

A few years back in 2007 I started a modern astrology online course with one of the well known schools. It terrified me! As a person who always found Maths classes to be torture, calculating charts by hand became a full on internal war, with battles that at the time I was not in the right place to fight. It left me feeling deflated and actually pretty rubbish. I had this love for a subject but couldn’t even get past the first couple of modules! I concluded to be a decent astrologer you also had to be a maths whizz kid.

When you have a love for a subject but find a section difficult it can dent your self esteem and that was definitely something that happened to me. Therefore, I gave up (it was also hugely expensive, another barrier to studying with one of the main schools) I ended up reading charts for friends, family and a few acquaintances. What was strange though was those readings would be accurate, I would connect with that person and their personal history. How was that possible? Surely you have to be a maths whizz kid to be good at astrology?!

Forward on to 2020, our world got turned upside down. I had been keeping an eye on the major trends and transits; like most astrologers with any level of understanding, I could see the congregation of planets in Capricorn and the Mars Retrograde periods were going to bring some big changes. What I hadn’t been paying close attention to however was the changes that had been happening in the astrology field itself over the last decade.

As we were all sitting at home last year waiting to find out how bad the pandemic was going to get, I had an online call to a friend. We were discussing what was keeping us busy and interested during the lockdown. I kept saying that I felt I should really get back to the astrology again, she mentioned listening to an astrology podcast, so I looked it up and listened the next day. Enter

It would probably be a huge exaggeration to say that it saved my astrological life! It did however restore my complete love for astrology and gave me the confidence in my understanding of the subject. I will therefore always be eternally grateful to my now tutor Chris Brennan, along with, his partner Leisa Schiem and frequent co-hosts Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees, and other top guests for the work they put into the show. There really is no better place to get totally free expert advice and knowledge from if you are in any way interested in astrology, especially ancient astrology.

I got my astrology mojo back, bought the book and got enrolled on to Chris’ course very quickly in Hellenistic astrology , which is a bargain for the price charged and cram packed full of content, I can’t recommend it enough.

The course and the Podcast have made me realise how much knowledge I actually did have. Sometimes a set back can really debilitate you, question your ability, even make you give up a passion completely. I would say what this journey has taught me is there are always other ways, you just need to find the one for you.

And so here I am, getting to the end of the course. I am feeling really hopeful for the future and looking forward to actually getting started in the field again, revitalised and enthusiastic knowing that I have acquired some fantastic new skills that can be integrated into a lot of my past learnt knowledge.

Keep on keeping on and try, try again.

All the best

May 2021