2 Mad Birds Astrology

2 Mad Birds Astrology

Alternate Thursday evening 8pm BST, join Saffron Dennis & Joli Knott on Clubhouse/Clubdeck for a friendly chat on all things astrology and the metaphysical

You can find Joli at www.bodhimindful.com

Show 7

This week we discussed Jupiter in all His glory!

I am clearly not a scientist and did not have any facts prepared but I hope you get the gist of where I was coming from. Joli gave some better-grounded information for sure this week.

As always we had fun. If you would like to join us to listen in to the live recording of Show 8 we will be recording on Thursday 19th May 2022 at 8pm BST.

Show 6,

Joli and I had quite a discussion on how we explore the themes of astrology as a tool, especially focused on the 2nd and 8th houses. Was a passionate talk at some points, we do like to get into our discussions!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording the show.

Show 5,

Was a great episode on Venus, I was very pleased with it, however, Venus proved yet again not to be my biggest fan and I lost the recording on my computer.

It is however still available on Clubhouse/Clubdeck as a reply dated February 24th, 2022 if you are interested in listening to it and all the associated chat afterward.

Show 4,

Joli and I discussed the benefits of networking within the astrology community, and how to dip your toe into the whole scene right up to speaking at a conference.

We always had a lot of fun recording the show and hope you also enjoy listening.

Recorded on 24th February 8pm GMT

Show 4

Show 3,

Happy Solar Return to Joli!

Thank you to my sponsor G.Astrologica for their support. If you are in the Southgate area of North London then please go and visit their astrology-themed restaurant, for great food, drink, and an atmosphere second to none.

In Show 3, we discussed the upcoming Changing of the Gods series, which looks into the Uranus / Pluto square through the lens of Richard Tarnas’ approach, based on his work Cosmos and Psyche. The series will be released on 22nd February, exclusively online via the sign-up. Be quick, you will get access each day for 9 days but only for 24 hours to start with. For more details sign up here. https://changingofthegodsseries.com/trailer/confirmed

We also discussed how to approach the subject of astrology with non-astrologers. We had a great time recording this episode, hope you enjoy it too.

Recorded on 10th February 2022, 8pm GMT

Show 2,

Firstly, apologies to Joli for cutting off her introduction right at the beginning!
In show 2 we discussed how we see astrology as a practice and how to find the right astrologer to suit your needs.

Recorded at 8pm 27th January 2022 GMT.

Show 1,

Our first show! An introduction to us and how we got ourselves into the astrological world.

A great first show, it was a learning curve in many ways but certainly a wonderful experience talking with my wonderful friend Joli. Hope you can join us for Show 2 on 27th January 2022, 8pm GMT.